Hypercasual game downloads down 16% YoY in Q4 2023

AppMagic’s latest data has provided valuable insights into the performance of the hypercasual market during the fourth quarter of 2023. The analysis of total installs in Q4 compared to the previous quarter shows a 6% decline, with cumulative downloads reaching 3.2 billion, slightly down from the 3.4 billion recorded in Q3. On an annual basis, there is a notable 16% decline in hypercasual installs. Q4 2022 saw 3.8 billion installs, contrasting with the 3.2 billion in Q4 2023.

Tier-1 East and Tier-1 West countries play a pivotal role in the annual decline, contributing to 23% and 21% decreases in hypercasual take-up, respectively. In contrast, all other countries experienced a more moderate 10% decline.

Quarter-by-quarter trends showcase a reversal, with Tier-1 East markets experiencing a significant 22% decline in Q4 2023 after positive growth in Q3. Tier-1 West markets also saw an 8% decrease, while downloads in all other countries declined by 2%.

In the top 10 most downloaded titles, familiar games maintained their presence, with some showing improvements in quarterly download metrics. Notable newcomers include “Build a Queen” securing the third spot with 35.5 million installs, leveraging rewarded videos for monetization. “Hunter Assassin” gained prominence in 2023, focusing on India as its primary market. “Color ASMR: Painting Book” by Zego Studio attained 22.9 million installs, emphasizing Christmas-themed content and heavily investing in Applovin during Q4 2023 (80%).

Some standout games in Q4 2023 include “My Perfect Hotel” with a notable 23% increase, “Race Master 3D” showing a 24% growth, “Car Race 3D” registering a 15% uptick, and “Magic Tiles 3” demonstrating a modest 6% quarter-over-quarter improvement. On the flip side, a few witnessed a decline, such as “Burger Please” experiencing a 13% decrease, while “Bridge Race” faced a 4% downturn quarter-over-quarter. Meanwhile, stalwarts like “Going Balls” maintained their download figures consistently. This comprehensive overview sheds light on the nuanced landscape of the hypercasual market as it navigates through diverse trends and performances.

Written by Maya Robertson


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