Hyper-casual games lead the charge in mobile ad media buys

The landscape of mobile gaming continues to evolve, with hyper-casual games cementing their position as the dominant force in the industry. A new report from global programmatic advertising platform Mintegral, in collaboration with GameAnalytics and Tenjin, sheds light on the significant impact and strategies of casual games, particularly hyper-casual ones, in the mobile gaming market.

The Mintegral Casual Gaming Report reveals that hyper-casual games lead in ad media buys, capturing a substantial 34% share. Despite the challenge of user retention, where only 17% of casual game players return the day after initial use, the most successful apps achieve a second-day retention rate of 35%, showcasing the importance of effective retention strategies.

Video advertising emerges as the most powerful tool in the casual gaming sector, accounting for a remarkable 70% of the market share. This dominance highlights the efficacy of video ads in engaging users and re-engaging those who have lapsed.

Additionally, the report identifies the U.S. market as offering the best return on investment for mobile game ads, with rewarded video ads outperforming those in other countries by a significant margin.

Erick Fang, Chief Product Officer of Mobvista, Mintegral’s parent company, emphasizes the importance of understanding user behavior and advertising trends to succeed in the competitive mobile gaming industry. “Our report equips marketers with the data and insights they need to develop winning strategies,” Fang notes.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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