Google rolls out new ways to engage with mobile games on Play Store

Google’s Game Developer Summit kicked off yesterday, where the company unveiled various new updates for Android games that are now available. As reported in a blog post, the Play Store is introducing new methods to engage with mobile games. 

Now, users have the ability to directly view the newest YouTube videos of certain popular games on both the Games tab and store listing page, to stay up-to-date and never miss any updates on their favorite games.

Google also announced that AdMob is “transforming” in-game ads into interactive elements blending into the game world. Instead of encountering pop-ups or video interruptions during gameplay, users now have the option to interact with integrated ads or seamlessly continue their gaming experience. The company had been experimenting with AI-generated FAQ responses on the Play Store for apps unrelated to gaming over a certain period.

Additionally, store listings will now prominently showcase game updates, new content, and ongoing gaming promotions. “Your store listing page will source relevant content to keep your audience engaged with your game, including your latest YouTube videos, AI-generated FAQs, and more,” Google said. It’s worth noting that these changes will be applicable to English-language users and “select titles” participating in the program, as clarified by Google.

In a bid to boost in-app purchases, Google is also introducing the capability for developers to apply discounts for users subscribed to the company’s Play Pass. Furthermore, the tech giant plans to roll out the Play Pass subscription service in Korea later this year.

Game developers will also now have the opportunity to leverage Play Points, the rewards program introduced by the Play Store in 2019, to offer exclusive in-app deals. The Play Points program is set to expand to Brazil this year, with the company highlighting that it currently boasts over 220 million members across more than 35 markets.

Written by Maya Robertson


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