The Best Games Where You Play As The Villain


In games, we usually play as the hero who saves the story and sometimes the world. The basic system in games is usually to motivate the player and make them feel comfortable with what they are doing psychologically and feel that they are doing something good. The situation is similar in the narrative arts and movies because the battle against wrong is always motivating. However, some games prefer to give players the experience of being bad guys, as they are quite bored with this routine. In this article, we have brought together the best games where you play as the bad guy to see the other side of the coin and get a different kind of pleasure.

The Best Games Where You Play As The Bad Guy

This article delves into the immersive world of gaming where the traditional hero’s narrative takes a backseat, and players relish the opportunity to play as the bad guy. From morally ambiguous choices to outright villainous protagonists, these games offer a unique and often cathartic experience for those who seek a departure from the typical hero’s journey.

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc is a game where you try to spread all over the world as a virus and kill as many people as you can. Yes, technically we can’t call it a villain because there is no character. But you create this evil with your hands by killing humanity and preventing them from developing vaccines. In the game, you also decide what you are immune to and what symptoms the people you are infected show. Plague Inc is also one of the best cross-platform games to play on PC and mobile.


Over the course of the Hitman franchise, which has spanned over 20 years, we’ve done a lot of cool missions as Agent 47. Yes, our aim was to destroy the bad guys, but while we were on this road, we also killed the innocent employees there to be sometimes gardeners, sometimes doctors and sometimes cooks. However, it would be wrong to say that despite all these things, being a bad character didn’t feel good. Professionally made plans, and as a result of all this, successfully completing the mission gave us the experience of being a professional killer.

Red Dead Redemption 2

We know that Arthur Morgan is a legend. We usually try to be a good character at the end of the game, but being bad or good is our choice. In Red Dead Redemption, which has been one of the leading games in the game world since its release with its magnificent story structure, jaw-dropping graphics, and with great soundtrack, we shape in our hands what kind of person Arthur Morgan will be, with the decisions we make in random events or our choices in the main story.

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The Last Of Us: Part 2

Spoiler Alert!

The second episode of The Last Of Us series tells the story of Ellie’s revenge. Abby brutally murders Joel at the very beginning of the game, becoming the main villain of the game. The game continues and as we control Ellie with the flame of vengeance, the whole narrative changes and we start to control Abby and see the story through the eyes of the villain.

Batman: Arkham City

Of course, we play a large part of Batman: Arkham City as our main character, Batman. But towards the end of the game, Batman is injected with Scarecrow’s toxin and hallucinations begin as we know it.

During these hallucinations we begin to control our main villain, the Joker. This constitutes one of the most iconic moments of the game series. We can also drive a Joker-inspired batmobile.

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God Of War

Until the last game of the series, we witnessed the dark gray story of Kratos. The game series, where we take revenge on the gods as Kratos, who has the blood of dozens of innocents in his hands, showed us perhaps the most complex character in the game world. Kratos, who paid the price of the power he gained as a result of the deal he made, by murdering the innocent and his family, sees that his terrible past does not leave him in the continuation of the story, even though he assumes the role of a father trying to protect his son in the last game of the series. The great and detailed story of God of War makes it one of the best games where you play as the villain. 

Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops: The Line is a third-person shooter game released in 2012 for the Xbox 3 and Playstation 3. You play as soldier Martin Walker in a war-ravaged Dubai. Throughout the story, we see Martin slipping from the hero line, step by step, as he fights against the oppressors.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

The game, which was released when the legendary Star Wars franchise was not as popular as it is today, offered gamers the experience of being evil in this universe. As Darth Vader and his apprentice Starkiller, the game was a brand new experience for the time, and it’s one of the good things Disney did after it bought Star Wars. It is absolutely one of the best games where you play as the bad guy. 

Mafia II

Mafia, as the name suggests, is a game series in which the main characters are actually bad criminals in all three games throughout the series. In the second game of the series, we play ex-soldier Vito Scaletta, who beats and kills anyone who crosses his path in order to rise in the Falcone mafia.

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Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight, where you can be both a murderer and a victim, work as a team to get rid of the murderer, and awaken your inner demon so that the innocent do not escape. The asymmetrical multiplayer Dead By Daylight, where you hunt down your friends trying to escape from you as one of the famous villains of the movie world and other video games, is still popular even though it was released 5 years ago.


In the first Prototype game, our main character, Alex Mercer, fights to protect people against the virus that is invading the city with his supernatural powers. As the story goes on, as he regains his memory, he realizes that it was Alex Mercer himself who took the virus out and spread it. This makes us the main villain of the game.

Grand Theft Auto V

We play villains throughout the Grand theft Auto series. Although our three main characters in Grand Theft Auto V are loved by the players, it must be admitted that they are all notorious criminals. All of them are villains who steal and kill people for their own interests without blinking an eye. However, the fact that we are fighting against people who are worse than us in the game may give us some relief.

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Games with multiple endings are always interesting. InFAMOUS 2 is one of these games. Our main character, Cole MacGrath, can be both a good hero and a heartbreaking villain with his actions throughout the story. Of course, the choice is in your hands.

Stubbs the Zombie

There are a lot of games with zombies in them called post apocalypse. But how many of them give you the experience of being a zombie? Bringing a different perspective to the zombie craze of the 2000s, Stubbs the Zombie has earned a cult reputation despite being a fairly flat and short game. Although it re-entered the market with its renewed version in 2021, it could not achieve such success as the old game.

The allure of playing as the bad guy in video games goes beyond the simple satisfaction of indulging in nefarious deeds. It offers a unique perspective, challenging players to question traditional morality and explore the consequences of their actions. Whether wreaking havoc in an open-world setting or navigating a morally complex narrative, these games provide an alternative gaming experience that continues to resonate with players seeking a departure from the conventional hero’s journey. Embrace the darkness, for in these virtual realms, playing as the bad guy can be an exhilarating and thought-provoking adventure.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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