Game industry stakeholders will meet at Mobidictum Business Network #3

The third of the Mobidictum Business Network event series will take place online on March 8-9-10. At Mobidictum Business Network, everything about the game industry will be discussed for 3 days!

Mobidictum hosted two Mobidictum Business Network events in 2021. After two events that hosted more than 2000 participants and more than 80 speakers, we expect a huge turnout at Mobidictum Business Network #3! Leading studios, publishing companies, service providers, investors, and developers of the game industry will come together once again at this event.

There will be 3 different stages in total in Mobidictum Business Network #3. The first and second days of the event will consist of “Mobile Ops” and “Stars of Hyper-casual” stages. On the third day, the “Gameverse” stage will take place.

What awaits you at Mobidictum Business Network #3?

At Mobidictum Business Network #3, the game industry stakeholders will be talking about the mobile game industry as well as topics that haven’t been talked about before! The event also covers blockchain, metaverse, PC, and AR/VR for the first time this year. The details of the stages in the event are as follows:

Mobile Ops: In this stage, where almost everything related to the mobile game industry will be discussed, topics such as game development processes, publishing deals, investment, monetization, and acquisition will be discussed.

Stars of Hyper-casual: Hyper-casual trends, stories of developers, publishers, and service providers will be discussed on this stage.

Gameverse: This stage will cover the topics to be discussed for the first time this year, including the future of the blockchain gaming world, PC games, AR/VR trends, and the metaverse.

In addition to all these, you will be able to make new connections and have one-on-one meetings. You can also promote your indie games in the Indie Spot section throughout the event. You will be able to browse the companies in the Virtual Expo area and have the opportunity to establish new collaborations.

How can you participate in the event?

The event, which brings the game industry together on March 8-9-10, will take place online. Participation in the event will be completely free. If you want to highlight your portfolio as a developer and be more visible for career opportunities, you can check out Premium tickets. If you’d like to create a virtual stand of your company and promote your company to a wider audience, then you should consider getting Professional tickets.

You can use this link for Mobidictum Business Network #3 details and tickets:

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