Mobidictum Business Network to gateway the Turkish game market

“Mobidictum Business Network” event, which will take place on May 8-9 with more than 550 participants from more than 40 countries, will bring together those who work in the mobile gaming industry or those who want to enter this industry.

Thanks to the event, all participants will gain valuable information about the mobile gaming industry and will have the opportunity to collaborate with other participants. With Mobidictum Business Network, Turkish mobile game studios will have a chance to open up to the world.

What is Mobidictum Business Network?

  • It is an online event for 2 days
  • There will be more than 25+ speakers from various fields
  • Any participants have a chance to collaborate with publishers and investors to boost funding
  • There will be service providers if you’d like to scale up your game
  • Any participants can join all sessions (10+ hours of expert talks)
  • New companies can be checked out on the “Virtual Expo” section
  • To discover and support new talents, there will be an Indie Expo Zone

What are the session topics in “Mobidictum Business Network”?

  • Digital and traditional marketing strategies for mobile games
  • Publisher interests: Getting ready to work with a publisher.
  • Investor talks: What does an investor want from studios?
  • Casual titles: Experience sharing from successful studios.
  • Monetization rules: Various new monetization models.
  • Growth: How to scale up your game even more?
  • Latest trends in hyper-casual games and ways to achieve success in this field

Event Page:

10% discount code for MMR subscribers: mmr-community

How can you network in the event?

During the Mobidictum Business Network event, joining all of the sessions and chatting in the “Main Chat Room” is free for all participants. If you would like to set up unlimited business meetings, however, you need to buy a “Premium Ticket” for the event. If your goal is to find collaborations in the event, it is highly recommended to get a premium ticket.

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