The 8 Best Widget Apps for iPhone

Widgets are highly functional tools to collect and beautify your favorite apps in one place. Most widget apps allow their users to create custom and personal widgets. How about trying these tools that make life especially easy and appealing to the eye? Here are the best widget apps for iPhone!

Widget Pro

Price: Free

Widget Pro is an app that allows you to customize your home screen. Widget Pro offers many thematic widgets for those who want to customize their phone with colorful and unusual designs. The app comes with a clock, weather, calendar, and photo widget.

Widget Pro on the App Store


Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $6.99

Widgeridoo is an app that lets you create your own custom widgets and is among the best widget apps for iPhone. Widgeridoo allows users to combine blocks into widgets for their Mac. The app has blocks for text, images, dates, countdowns, birthdays, calendar events, health data (step and distance data), battery percentage, clocks, and more.

Widgeridoo on the App Store

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Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $19.99

Widgetsmith is a fabulous app for home screen customization. The app has a large collection of highly customizable widgets such as date, time, and weather. With Widgetsmith, users can set and dynamically program widgets according to their desired function and appearance. Users must pair with an Apple Watch to activate the event widgets.

Widgetsmith on the App Store

Launcher with Multiple Widgets

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $5.99

An original app launcher, Launcher with Multiple Widgets is one of the best widget apps for iPhone. Users can customize their phones and tablets with the app. Users can quickly reach the people they communicate with frequently, access their favorite websites, start their favorite music immediately, and have many more features on Launcher with Multiple Widgets.

In addition, the app allows customizing widget icons and backgrounds. Users can change icon sizes from small to large and remove icon labels with the app. Launcher with Multiple Widgets offers functional accessibility for the visually impaired and Siri Shortcut support.

Launcher with Multiple Widgets on the App Store

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Widget Wizard

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $6.99

Widget Wizard is one of the best widget apps for iPhone that provides quick access to your favorite apps. The app has many widget data like 35+ health stats (step, bike, distance, etc), agenda widgets (reminders, calendar events), and weather. The weather widget requires a subscription and shares weather from over 45,000 weather stations. Widget Wizard provides a countdown widget for important events or days.

Furthermore, Widget Wizard has a stats bar, and it includes battery percentage, health stats, and more. Also, the app is updated frequently. Users can select the font, highlight, and background color and create their themes in the Widget Wizard.

Widget Wizard on the App Store

My Widgets

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $4.99

My Widgets is an app with various widgets that allow you to customize the home screen and appearance of devices. Users can add various widgets according to their needs, such as calendars, photos with loved ones, world clocks, and voice memos. In the app, the note widget, decision widget, and many more widgets are free. Additionally, My Widgets is an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand app. In today’s view of My Widgets, users can add unlimited widgets, and the widgets are displayed in three lists.

My Widgets on the App Store

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Smart Battery Widget

Price: Free

Smart Battery Widget is a specially designed app that lets you monitor battery, storage, and network activity from the home screen and deserves to be among the best widget apps for iPhone. Users can access battery status and real-time estimates of the device’s remaining game, video playback, and talk time based on battery percentage and capacity with the Smart Battery Widget. The app provides users with a lot of storage information such as total volume, used, and free space.

Moreover, the Smart Battery Widget allows monitoring of internet and network activity data over cellular and wireless. The app has a total of 12 different sizes of widgets, including 3 Widgets for battery status and forecasts, 3 Widgets for storage status and forecasts, 2 Widgets for network package management, and 4 Graphics Widgets for network activity.

Smart Battery Widget on the App Store

Bears Countdown

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $2.99

Bears Countdown is more of a countdown-focused widget app. Users can use Bears Countdown for special occasions, meetings, travel, deadlines, and more. The app comes with lots of cute hand-drawn bear pictures accompanying the event and the occasion. Also, users can write notes on their countdown widget such as holiday plans, meeting topics, birthday gift ideas, etc.

Bears Countdown on the App Store

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