The 8 Best Whisky Apps

Whiskey gets its name from the Scots and Irish phrase “uisge beatha,” which means “water of life.” It is made from grain, water, and yeast. In whiskey production, various grains such as corn, wheat, barley, rye, and buckwheat are preferred, and grain selection varies by country, region, or distillery. Malting, mashing, fermentation (fermentation), distillation (distillation), and maturation are the five stages of whiskey production. When it comes to whiskey, Scotch (Scotch), Irish (Irish), and American/Bourbon (American/Bourbon) whiskeys come to mind first, and what differentiates them is the number of grains and distillation they contain.

Continue reading if you enjoy whiskey and want to try new brands. Discover popular whiskey brands like Glenfiddich, Knob Creek, Jack Daniels, The Macallan, and more by browsing our list of the best whisky apps! Here are some of the best whisky apps!

Abov Whiskey

Price: Free

Abov Whiskey

Abov Whiskey is a one-of-a-kind whiskey app that has over 100,000 whiskey reviews and is regarded as one of the best whisky apps. By scanning a whiskey bottle, users can access user reviews. The app provides personalized whiskey recommendations to users, allowing them to discover new whiskey brands and flavors with less risk. Users can create and track their personal whiskey collections on Abov Whiskey, and they can add tasting notes by rating their likes and dislikes. 

Moreover, the app’s wish list lets users collect whiskeys they want to try and easily find them later. Users can follow other users and browse their collections on Abov Whiskey, allowing users with similar tastes to follow each other. Users can add their missing whiskey bottles to Abov Whiskey and contribute to the community.

Abov Whiskey on Google Play

Abov Whiskey on the App Store

Distiller – Liquor Reviews

Price: Free

Distiller Liquor Reviews

Distiller is an excellent app that combines expert and user reviews of all popular liqueurs. Distiller allows users to scan barcodes, write reviews, search by flavor, and do other things. Users can create profiles and add notes to their favorite spirits using the app. Users can use Distiller to find out in minutes which rum, gin, and wine are best for the cocktails they’ll be making, or which whiskey brand is worth trying. Go to Distiller’s website to learn more detailed information about the app.

Distiller – Liquor Reviews on Google Play

Distiller – Liquor Reviews on the App Store

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Drammer Whisky App

Price: Free

The Drammer Whiskey App is a terrific whiskey app that provides whiskey enthusiasts with the best events, deals, and news, as well as the ability to search by whiskey taste. The app compares the prices of 15,000 whiskeys and contains a barcode scanner. Users of the Drammer Whiskey App can access a list of the top 100 best-rated whiskeys as well as 20,000 daily updated whiskey prices. 

Also, the app does not require an account and compares whiskey prices from webshops in Germany, Belgium, England, and the Netherlands. The Drammer Whiskey App enables users to view prices in AUD, USD, BGN, PLN, CAD, CHF, DKK, EUR, JPY, NZD, SGD, GBP, HKD, INR, and ZAR. Users can list the whiskeys they want to try, rate the whiskeys they have tried, and view their friends’ whiskey experiences. Visit the website of the app to learn more.

Drammer Whisky App on Google Play

Drammer Whisky App on the App Store

Cask & Still

Price: Free

Cask Still

Cask & Still is an impressive whiskey app that provides users with the best pocket guide to Scotland’s national drink and deserves to be ranked among the best whisky apps. The app offers users personalized recommendations, helpful tips, directions, and easy-to-use maps, among other things. Cask & Still allows users to discover the best whiskies and iconic bars. The app was created with the assistance of top mixologists, whiskey and gin writers from Scotland, top distillers, and others.

Cask & Still on Google Play

Cask & Still on the App Store

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The Whiskey Companion

Price: Free

The Whiskey Companion

The Whiskey Companion is a unique whiskey app that provides all the handy information you want to know about whiskey. Users can stay informed about the latest whiskey news and events and search whiskey by brand, distillery, and category. The app has a barcode scanning feature and provides users with the most up-to-date and accurate prices of bottles. The Whiskey Companion allows users to keep an eye on hard-to-find bottles at auction and offers three- and six-month prices for the right purchase. Browse The Whiskey Companion’s website for more detailed information about the app.

The Whiskey Companion on Google Play

The Whiskey Companion on the App Store

Whizzky Whisky Scanner

Price: Free

Whizzky Whisky Scanner

Whizzky Whiskey Scanner is a fantastic app that allows you to get instant information about a bottle by scanning the labels of whiskey bottles and stands out among the best whisky apps. Whizzky Whiskey Scanner allows users to save, rate, and share their favorite whiskeys. The app allows users to create custom tasting notes and includes whiskey-related innovations and educational videos from around the world.

Whizzky Whisky Scanner on Google Play

Whizzky Whisky Scanner on the App Store

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Irish Whiskey App

Price: Free

Irish Whiskey App

Irish Whiskey App is one of the whiskey apps that Irish whiskey lovers should have on their phones. The Irish Whiskey App allows users to access stories about Irish whiskey. The app gives users ratings, ages, and prices for popular whiskey brands. Users can search for whiskey by taste and brand, as well as view bottle photos and contents. The Irish Whiskey App allows users to create a wishlist and rate the whiskeys they’ve tried. Go to Irish Whiskey App’s website to learn more about the app.

Irish Whiskey App on Google Play

Irish Whiskey App on the App Store

Whisky App

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $1.64

Whiskey App is considered to be among the best whisky apps for discovering new whiskeys and sharing your whiskey knowledge. The app has brilliant features such as whiskey grading, taking notes, reading other notes, keeping a wish list, and sharing. Whiskey App enables users to browse all whiskeys and share whiskeys with their friends. The app shows users a map and the location of whiskeys at The Hague’s International Whiskey Festival. Check out Whiskey App’s website for more detailed information about the app.

Whisky App on Google Play

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