The 7 Best Video Compressor Apps

Do you like to shoot videos but are afraid that your device will have insufficient storage space? Then you should read this article! Compressor apps, which are very useful and functional for those who often shoot videos to collect memories or produce content, save space on devices.

In addition, most compressor apps allow you to compress videos to the size you want, adjust their quality, and cut/trim/crop videos. You can save your favorite movies, series, content videos, and even TV shows by compressing them on your phone thanks to the Compressor apps and watching them with pleasure while you are on a journey or in a place where the internet will be low. We have reviewed especially helpful and practical compressor apps for you and listed the best video compressor apps. Here are the best!

Video Compressor &Video Cutter

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $18.99

Video Compressor & Video Cutter is a marvelous app for storage space saving and technical video editing. The app offers three quality compression of videos: low, normal, and high. Users can perform many compression and cutting operations such as cutting and compression, fast forwarding, compression, etc. with Video Compressor & Video Cutter. The app offers hardware codec for fast compression and allows to compression of images in batch.

Video Compressor &Video Cutter on Google Play

Compress Videos & Resize Videos

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $8.00

Compress Videos & Resize Videos is an app that helps to save storage space by compressing your videos without reducing their quality and is among the best video compressor apps.

Moreover, users can access their compressed videos from both the main library and an album called “Compressed Videos”. The app supports file types such as Hc264, MPEG-4, HEVC, .m4v, .mp4, and .mov. The frame rate recommended to users by the app is set to 24, and the video size to 80%.

Compress Videos & Resize Videos on the App Store

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Video Compressor

Price: Free

Video Compressor is a very functional app for compressing and reducing video sizes. The app allows to compression of videos in its custom resolution and bitrate. Video Compressor also offers default resolutions and bitrates so users can receive small, medium, and large files. Additionally, users can batch compress with custom resolution and bitrate with Video Compressor.

Video Compressor on Google Play

Video Compress Shrink Vids

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $7.99

Video Compress Shrink Vids is a handy app for those who want to save disk space by shrinking videos and is one of the best video compressor apps. Users can reduce the size of a video and send it via apps such as Whatsapp or publish it on social media platforms. The app allows batch compression and adjusting compression properties. Video Compress Shrink Vids is pretty simple and intuitive to use, so anyone can compress their videos comfortably.

Video Compress Shrink Vids on the App Store

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Video Dieter 2 – trim & edit

Price: Free

Video Dieter 2 – trim & edit is an app that helps you preserve your memories while saving space. The app facilitates the sending of full-length videos via apps such as Facebook, and Whatsapp. Video Dieter 2 – trim & edit offers the possibility of compressing videos without degrading their quality and helps to free up disk space on devices. Users can learn about file sizes and resolutions, add music to the background of videos, and trim and edit unwanted parts with Video Dieter 2 – trim & edit.

Video Dieter 2 – trim & edit on Google Play

Video Compressor & Editor

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $1.99

Video Compressor & Editor is an easy-to-use and understandable video compression app. The app allows batch and single video compressions and many other editings such as crop, cut, trim, cut, split, merge and rotate videos. Video Compressor & Editor has 4K, 1080p, 720p, 540p, and 480p resolution options for H.264 compression and 4K, 1080p, and 720p resolution options for HEVC compression. Users can compress 240 FPS video to 240/120/60/30 FPS with the app.

Video Compressor & Editor on the App Store

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Videos & Movies Compressor

Price: Free

Videos & Movies Compressor is a space-saving app that shrinks videos and movies without sacrificing quality and deserves to be one of the best video compressor apps with its features. The app supports all video and movie formats and allows one to set and select the reduction level. The app has powerful compression technology, so users can store full-length videos in their gallery without worrying about storage space. Users can compress and share full-length movies, favorite series, and tv shows with their loved ones with Videos & Movies Compressor.

Videos & Movies Compressor on Google Play

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