The 12 Best RTS Games for Android

The 1990s and 2000s were the era when good RTS  (Real Time Strategy) games were most popular. Players build an army or empire to crush ruthless enemies in real time with actions such as upgrading units, managing resources, and invading and defeating enemies in the RTS game genre. RTS games offer fast-paced and intense competitive gameplay. This type of game is a game that players still play fondly. There are many of these games on the market that require strategy development and thinking. So what are the best RTS games for Android? We have listed the best ones for you.

The Best Android RTS Games

  1. Art of War 3
  2. Mushroom Wars 2
  3. Redsun
  4. Northgard
  5. Element
  6. Iron Marines
  7. Command and conquer: Rivals
  8. RTS Siege up!
  9. Civilization VI
  10. Oil Rush
  11. Rise of Kingdoms 
  12. War Commander: Rogue Assault

Art of War 3

Price: Free

A unique classic real-time strategy game with direct control, Art of War 3 is among the best RTS games for Android. The game offers the opportunity to face the enemy in real-time PvP battles. You will command, conquer, and defeat your enemy on the battlefield in the game. You will also play with thousands of online players from all over the world and enjoy stunningly detailed 3D graphics. You can strengthen your army with a large number of units and building upgrades. Thus you can gain the upper hand in battle.

Art of War 3 on Google Play

Mushroom Wars 2

Price: Free

Find the best war strategy and fight your enemies in epic tower defense with Mushroom Wars 2 with multiplayer and PVP modes. The app aims to allow players to strategically plan their defenses with over 200 challenging missions. Players will raise their mushroom base and command Mushroom tribe minions in Mushroom Wars 2. Also, this game that requires a lot of strategies and plans is one of the best RTS games for Android.

Mushroom Wars 2 on Google Play


Price: Free

Made in 2D isometric style, RedSun offers players an easy-to-understand and fun game experience. The game often allows for real-time control of troops, building a base, planning attacks, and strengthening defenses on the battlefield. Plus, the game offers different types of units with their objectives, strengths, and weaknesses, and has powerful weapons in the form of nuclear explosions.

Redsun on Google Play

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Price: $8.99

Northgard is a strategy game based on Norse mythology, about a Viking Clan fighting for control of a mysterious newly discovered continent. Northgard deserves to be one of the best RTS games for Android with its extraordinary style. The game takes place in NORTHGARD, a new realm filled with mystery, danger, and riches. Players have to build the newly discovered continent of Northgard and fulfill various missions (Farmer, Warrior, Sailor, Loremaster) in the game. Players should not forget to strategize resource management because this is essential for survival. Additionally, the game offers players multiplayer mode for up to 6 and duels. Game lovers can gain an advantage in battles when they become clan members in the game.

Northgard on Google Play


Price: $4.99

Element is a unique space strategy game with unusual style and breathtaking visual effects. The game attracts the attention of gamers with its original design and is one of the best RTS games for Android. Element is a good option for those who want to destroy and blow things up. The task of the players in the game is to escape from a decaying solar system, discover new planets and find resources. Players must maintain the balance of land, air, and water to survive and destroy their enemies.

Element on Google Play

Iron Marines

Price: $2.99

Iron Marines offers action-packed challenges across 21 campaigns across three sci-fi planets. This game has 17 operation missions that will allow you to develop your strategy to save the galaxy. From Mechas, Lethal Weapons, Defensive Drone, Tab Bursts, Napalm Rockets, and much more, players can choose from and create the ultimate RTS tactic with 40+ upgrades. The game offers +7 units and eight special weapons to give extra firepower to the hero. Also, in this game, players are free to choose difficulty mode.

Iron Marines on Google Play

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Command and conquer: Rivals

Price: Free

An action-packed RTS with strategic tactics, Command & Conquer: Rivals is one of the best RTS games for Android. Players start the game by choosing one of the commanders, each with powerful abilities that can influence your approach, and create their combinations of infantry, tanks, aircraft, and more to defeat their opponent’s strategy. Moreover, the game offers opportunities to join an alliance to team up with friends, share resources, and climb the leaderboards.

Command and conquer: Rivals on Google Play

RTS Siege up!

Price: Free

Siege up is a full-featured old-school fantasy RTS game. There are no boosters and timers in the game. Battles last an average of 10-20 minutes, and the game features 26 mission campaigns, PvP/PvE, online multiplayer, and modding support. Players must defend stone and wooden walled medieval castles with archers, melee, and cavalry.

Siege up! on Google Play

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Civilization VI

Price: Free

Civilization VI is an RTS game that allows you to develop a civilization from a small settlement, grow an empire, and conquer the world. Allowing you to improve your strategic thinking and decision-making skills, this game is just one of the best RTS games for Android. The game offers many possibilities to the game lovers, such as managing your resources to build new structures, strengthening the army for attack and defense, expanding the territory, and making the citizens happy.

Civilization VI on Google Play

Oil Rush 

Price: Free

Oil Rush is a 3D naval strategy game set in a world forever changed by nuclear war. In this game, players will fight raging armies scrambling for the last remaining oil resources. The game features a variety of unique environments such as twilight Antarctica, flooded forests, sunken cities, Asian villages, grand canyons, dilapidated industrial areas, and more, and a campaign filled with 15 challenging story-based missions lasting more than 10 hours.

Oil Rush on Google Play

Rise of Kingdoms 

Price: Free

Assemble your army, forge alliances, and lead your civilization to glory in Rise of Kingdoms. This mobile RTS game allows you to explore a vast world, conquer territories, and engage in real-time battles.

Rise of Kingdoms on Google Play

War Commander: Rogue Assault

Price: Free

Immerse yourself in modern warfare with War Commander: Rogue Assault, one of the best Android RTS games. Build a powerful army, deploy advanced military units, and engage in intense PvP battles against players worldwide.

War Commander: Rogue Assault on Google Play

These Android RTS games promise to satisfy the strategic cravings of mobile gamers. Whether you’re into historical warfare, space exploration, or futuristic battles, the diverse range of games on this list ensures there’s an RTS experience tailored to your preferences. Command your armies, devise cunning strategies, and emerge victorious in the dynamic world of Android RTS gaming.

Written by Nisa Ozcelik


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