Azur Games acquires 81% of Mushroom Wars development studio

Image Source: Azur Games

Cyprus-based mobile game developer and publisher Azur Games said in a blog post today that it has acquired 81% of the Mushroom Wars development studio from UK-based Zillion Whales. 

While the partnership covers Zillion Whales’ development team, trademarks and intellectual property, the brand will remain owned by its previous investors. 

The most prominent work of Zillion Whales is Mushroom 2, a popular real-time strategy game with over 20 million downloads. The title, which is currently available on iOS, Android, Steam, PS4 and Xbox, has received multiple awards so far. In 2016 and 2017, it was named amongst best App Store games of the year, according to Zillion Whales’ website.

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Dmitry Yaminsky, the co-founder of Azur Games, commented on the acquisition: ‘’Nowadays, the mobile market is all about product quality, but the Mushroom Wars series was always ahead of the curve and showcased the attention to detail no one expected. The team isn’t chasing quantity, because it dramatically reduces the chances of releasing a hit game,” said Azur Games co-founder Dmitry Yaminsky. “Needless to say, it paid off — very few studios in the industry have received as much attention, awards and even successfully entered the console and PC markets, as the guys did with Mushroom Wars 2.

The head of the Mushroom Wars development studio Andrey Korotkov said: ‘’We’re very happy to join the Azur Games team and already feel the synergy as we’re actively developing our first joint product. This is the kind of a strategic partnership that will benefit both parties and millions of players.’’

The partnership marks Azur Games’ third games studio acquisition so far. It acquired 30% of Paris-based game developer PinPin Team weeks ago, 15% of Neosus-owned app publisher Skyrocket in 2021, and made an investment of $3.6 million in Tel Aviv-based KobGames Studios the same year. 

Written by Jordan Bevan


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