The 7 Best Browsers for iPhone

Do you care about browser privacy and want to explore ultra-secure private browsers? Then you are at the correct address! Many browsers may not be proficient in security, especially when it comes to privacy. According to your preference, you can discover the browser suitable for you from the list. We have listed many browsers for you that you can choose according to your priority and style, such as seeing fewer ads, keeping data confidential, not being tracked, or having a unique design. Here are the best browsers for iPhone!

Google Chrome

Price: Free

Google Chrome is one of the popular search engines and is Google’s built-in browser. Chrome offers personalized search results that appear instantly as you type, history of websites visited, automatic syncing of passwords and settings, saving payment information, and more. The browser app comes with a widget so that users can search easily and quickly from the home screen. Users can open multiple tabs, see and group them all at the same time with Google Chrome

In addition, Chrome has built-in Google Translate and offers the ability to translate in seconds. Users can save the sites they like and access them with a single click. The browser app has an incognito mode feature for users who do not want their search history to be saved.

Google Chrome on the App Store

Firefox: Private, Safe Browser

Price: Free

Firefox is an ethical and people-oriented browser app that respects your privacy and ranks among the best browsers for iPhone. The browser app is supported by the non-profit Mozilla Foundation and is highly secure. Firefox has to sync across devices. Thus you can access your search on mobile from your computer. Users can customize their browsing screen with different and limited wallpapers with Firefox. Also, the browser app aims for privacy in the right place and blocks trackers and scripts. Check out Firefox’s website for more information.

Firefox: Private, Safe Browser on the App Store

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Microsoft Edge: Web Browser

Price: Free

Microsoft Edge which is a fast and secure browser is one of the best browsers for iPhone. The browser app comes with many security-oriented features such as AdBlock and InPrivate scanning, tracking prevention, and cookie prevention. Microsoft Edge allows access to information such as passwords, favorite websites, history, and favorites on any logged-in device. Users can perform visual and audio searches in Microsoft Edge. For more detailed information, visit Microsoft Edge’s website.

Microsoft Edge: Web Browser on the App Store

Brave Private Browser

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $99.99

Brave Private Browser is a browser app that attracts attention with its speed and deserves to be among the best browsers for iPhone. The app has many useful features like firewall + VPN, bold search (untracked search), and popup blocker. The browser app comes with night mode and users can browse Brave comfortably during long-term use. Also, Brave Private Browser saves tracking protection, battery, and data. For more information about the browser app, check the Brave Browser website.

Brave Private Browser on the App Store

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Opera Touch

Price: Free

Opera Touch is an excellent browser app that makes a name for itself with its design. Opera Touch has been developed as a fast mobile browser, especially for iOS, so it is among the best browsers for iPhone. The browser app uses the latest web technologies and blocks 3rd party tracking cookies. Opera Touch comes with Opera’s Cryptojacking Protection for device overheating and battery protection. The browser app has a built-in ad blocker, this feature increases its speed. Check out Opera Touch’s website for detailed information.

Opera Touch on the App Store

DuckDuckGo Privacy Web Browser

Price: Free

DuckDuckGo is a simple and secure browser. The browser app allows easy web browsing without being tracked and blocks 3rd party scripts, tracking cookies, and email trackers. Users can clear tabs and browse data with the fire button in the app. To learn more, go to DuckDuckGo’s website.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Web Browser on the App Store

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Onion Browser

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $9.99

Onion Browser is an open-source Tor-powered web browser and one of the best browsers for iPhone. The app allows surfing the Internet via Tor. Users can protect themselves from website tracking, unsecured wireless networks, and ISPs with Onion Browser. Onion Browser comes with HTTPS Everywhere support and provides users with automatic migration to HTTPS-enabled websites. For more detailed information, check Onion Browser’s website.

Onion Browser on the App Store

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