Apple has no plans to ‘significantly’ increase ad load on iPhones

Apple reportedly has no intentions at the moment to ‘’significantly’’ raise the amount of ads shown across its products and it’s happy with its revenue growth, according to an insider source who spoke to The Information. (via 9to5Mac)

Bloomberg, on the other hand, reported in August about Apple’s plans to triple its current $4 billion annual ad revenue and bring it to double digits. Tech reporter Mark Gurman said at the time that the iPhone-maker was planning to expand Search Ads to its other products including the Maps, Books, and also Podcasts apps.

Digiday also recently reported that Apple’s Head of Advertising Todd Teresi had meetings with media agencies to discuss the potential of showing ads on Apple TV+.

According to The Information, the company had plans to bring ads to Spotlight in 2018, but eventually cancelled it.

The new report also mentions the tensions within the company over its advertising policies. Some employees of the ad team reportedly expressed their concerns that Apple was going to extremes.

In fact, Apple has just started showing more ads on the App Store with the launch of its two new ad slots; the Today Tab on the home page and the You Might Also Like section located at the bottom of individual product pages.

Shortly after the launch, Apple came under fire by developers who complained about gambling-related ads that showed up on their product pages. Following the complaints, the company announced that it paused gambling ads on the product pages, but didn’t provide any details on what steps it’d take to solve the issue in the long term.

The iPhone-maker has also garnered a global backlash with its controversial App Tracking Transparency framework that now requires developers to get user consent to be able to track their data. Many companies, including Meta, say that the privacy changes keep hurting the advertising ecosystem while benefiting Apple’s ad business. Apple, on the other hand, argues that ATT helps protect user privacy and improve their experience

According to a recent study by Appsumer, Apple’s Search Ads adoption grew nearly 4% Y/Y to 94.8% during the first year of ATT, while Google ads remained stable and Meta ads saw a 3% drop.

Written by Maya Robertson


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