App Store developers generated around $60 billion in 2021

Apple says developers have made over $260 billion in revenue since the App Store launched in 2008, up around $60 billion from the figure it reported in 2020.

The iPhone maker said the App Store had set “a new yearly record for App Store developer earnings last year,” with App Store sales increasing by double digits between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve compared to the same period a year ago.

“The efforts, innovation, and creativity of the developers who leverage Apple technology to build these incredible experiences, coupled with the power of the App Store’s global platform to connect businesses of all sizes with over 600 million people each week across 175 countries, has led to developers selling digital goods and services earning more than $260 billion since the App Store launched in 2008. This significant number sets a new yearly record for App Store developer earnings while representing just a small fraction of the overall commerce the App Store facilitates, serving as one meaningful marker of how the ecosystem continues to create opportunities and drive economic expansion for entrepreneurs around the world. “ the company said. 

Apple had said it paid out developers a total of $155 billion at the end of 2019  since the App Store launched. The company said that the year prior, this figure was around $120 billion.

According to a recent report from Sensor Tower, 581 app publishers earned their first $1 million across the App Store in 2021, an increase of 87% from 310 in 2016. 

Apple has adjusted its commission structure to reduce its own developer revenue cut due to increased regulatory scrutiny, antitrust complaints and lawsuits related to its App Store practices. 

The company currently charges developers either 15% or 30%, depending on how much revenue the developer generates or if the app is a subscription used for more than a year. In November 2020, the company announced the Small Business Program where it lowers App Store commission to 15% for app developers and small businesses earning less than $1 million per year.

The Korean Communication Commission (KCC) said on Tuesday that Apple has submitted its compliance plans to let developers use third-party payment options in apps in South Korea.

Written by Maya Robertson


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