App Store Connect now lets developers access analytics for in-app events

Apple announced yesterday that developers can now view analytics for in-app events in App Store Connect. 

Developers can now view information about their in-app events, including event page views, reminder and notification data, and the number of downloads and redownloads that were driven by their in-app events. Each metric can be viewed by territory, source type, device, and more, so developers can understand how their in-app events are influencing their apps’ growth and success.

Officially launched in late October 2021, in-app events have since been used by many popular apps and games like TikTok and Genshin Impact for their special events. 

Apple explains in-app events as follows:

“In-app events are timely events within apps and games — such as game competitions, movie premieres, livestreamed experiences, and more. Customers can discover your in-app events right on the App Store on iOS and iPadOS, giving you an entirely new way to showcase your events and expand their reach — whether you’d like to reach new users, keep your current users informed, or reconnect with previous users.”

On iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 and later, in-app events appear across the App Store as event cards that include images or video, the event name, and a short description. Customers can tap to open an event details page, which provides a more immersive experience with a longer event description and notes if an in-app purchase or subscription is required to participate. 

If, as an iOS developer, you want to promote in-app events, here you can check out for more information. 

Written by Maya Robertson


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