Android accounts for more than 70% of ad creatives in Q2 2022 – report

Image Credits: AdQuantum & SocialPeta

Since Apple’s App Tracking Transparency framework came into effect in April 2021, a growing number of advertisers have shifted their focus to the Android market.

That’s according to a new joint report from mobile performance marketing agency AdQuantum and ad intelligence platform SocialPeta, which sheds light on the state of mobile app and game markets in the first half of 2022.

Per report, the number of advertisers dropped 2% Y/Y and ad creatives declined 27.82% in the first half of this year. However, emerging markets including the Middle East, South America and South Asia saw 10% more advertisers at the same time.

In H1, more app and game publishers tried using machine learning-based predictive analytic systems for the first time, which allows them to analyse the results of their ad campaigns in an easier way and simplifies their traffic optimization process. This is particularly the case for SKAdNetwork campaigns that can differentiate sponsored and organic visitors through the use of predictive analytics.

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Number of advertisers surge in Asia Pacific

While the first half saw a 6.24% Y/Y decrease in the number of advertisers and 27% MoM drop in ad creatives, Oceania (38%), Europe (30%), and North America (21%) experienced the sharpest decline in advertiser count.

On the other hand, Asia Pacific (except Mainland China) saw a remarkable increase in advertisers thanks to a growth of over 37% Y/Y in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau.

UGC-like creatives surge in mobile advertising

Compared to the first half of last year, H2 2022 saw an 150% increase in the number of ad creatives with UGC (user generated content) in Games, Finance, and Health & Fitness categories. Per report, several tests demonstrated that these creatives are capable of competing with 2D & 3D videos as well as broadening marketing and creative strategies. 

In addition, UGC-like creatives, which especially dominates TikTok Ads, can be highly effective in meeting users’ certain needs. For example, they could inspire them to improve their lives when used to promote nutrition and fitness apps, or motivate them to try out a useful tool in the case of fintech and language-learning apps.

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Ad platforms continue to adopt automation

The report also suggests that more and more advertising platforms are leaving manual configurations behind to offer automated and simplified solutions. As a result, the majority of ad platforms are expected to keep working on making their offerings more automated in the second half of the year.

Advertisers continue to shift their focus to Android

Largely because of Apple’s controversial privacy changes, more advertisers focused their advertising on Android during H1. 

Per report, Android accounted for 71.48% of all non-gaming app ad creatives in the second half of the year, over 15% up from 56.47% in Q2 2021. Meanwhile, the share of iOS dropped nearly 15% from 43.53% to 28.52%.

On the gaming side, Android had 72.50% of all advertisers and ad creatives in Q2, up from 61% in last year’s second quarter. At the same time, iOS’ share fell from 39% to 27.50%.

Image Credits AdQuantum SocialPeta

Casual games saw the largest number of game creatives

During the first half of this year, Casual titles saw a 1.07% rise in the number of creatives which accounted for 18.14% of all game creatives. It was followed by Puzzle (13.67%), RPG (12.14%), Strategy (9.78%), and Simulation (9.12%) categories respectively.

Image Credits AdQuantum SocialPeta

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When it comes to non-gaming ad creatives, the Shopping category took the lead with 17.19%, followed by Tools (10.59%), Lifestyle (10.21%), Social (7.89%) and Reading (7.74%) respectively.

Image Credits AdQuantum SocialPeta

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