Amazon Anywhere now lets users buy physical products in apps and games

Image Source: Amazon

E-commerce giant Amazon announced on Monday that its new service Amazon Anywhere will now let users buy physical items directly in mobile apps and games, starting with Pokémon Go-maker Niantic’s newly-launched virtual pet game Peridot.

‘’Whether you’re playing video games or using your favorite mobile app, Amazon is extending the fun within virtual worlds and interactive digital environments with a new immersive shopping experience called Amazon Anywhere,’’ said Steve Downer, Amazon’s VP of Consumer Electronics, in a blog post.

Thanks to Amazon Anywhere, mobile users will be able to start shopping for in-game items like Peridot-branded T-shirts and hoodies without having to head to any other place, and all they need to do is to link their Amazon account which will be used to complete their purchases.

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‘’We’re creating a new landscape for shoppable entertainment and digital experiences while continuing to meet our customers where they are, with the products they love,’’ Downer said. ‘’Most shopping in virtual worlds is currently limited to purchases of virtual currency and in-game digital items, with no easy path to purchase physical products. We want to change that.’’

He said that the service is also meant for developers and creators of virtual words, mobile apps, or video games that want to take their digital experience to the physical world. ‘’They can now curate products from the breadth of Amazon’s selection, including a brand’s own merchandise,’’ he added.

Written by Tuna Cetin


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