15 Games That Should Have a Movie or Series

Until now, we have witnessed the series and movie adaptations of many games. Although we encountered many successful works such as Arcane and Sonic, the game adaptations were generally inadequate and failed to satisfy the players.

In the coming years, we can easily say that this situation will change and we will encounter dozens of new game adaptations. We have prepared a new list of games that we want to watch, whether it is a series or a movie. Here are the games that deserve a movie or TV series adaptation. 

League of Legends

League of Legends may seem like a simple and very popular online game, but it consists of a world with a huge universe and interesting characters. The Runeterra universe is a detailed and home to hundreds of amazing stories. Although the story side is not given much weight in the game, the Arcane series published by Riot Games on Netflix is one of the examples of successful stories we can give. Showing what he can do with Arcane, would it be bad if Riot shot us a Mordekaiser series?


In a universe where hordes of hell have invaded the world, Slayer is the only one who goes on an interdimensional demon hunt to save the world. The Doom series, which fits perfectly with the sentence of ‘to narrow the hell to the demons’, is also of great importance in the game world, as it is a game that lays the foundations of the genre we call ‘FPS’ together with Wolfenstein 3D. This famous series deserves a brutal up-to-date action movie with lots of rock ‘n’ roll music in the background.


Dishonored’s revenge story may seem a little ordinary at first glance. However, if the ‘Steampunk’ universe of the game and the freedom and diversity it provides to the player can be adapted well, we are highly likely to encounter a perfect production. In addition, compared to other stealth games, it has a structure that can attract the attention of the audience with its supernatural powers.

Mass Effect

The Mass Effect universe created by BioWare is undoubtedly one of the best sci-fi universes ever. Well, wouldn’t you like to see a seasoned series about this universe? Although we know that the series rights of the series belong to Amazon, there is no official information that it is under production yet.


Although movies in which humanity fights against aliens are outdated, a sci-fi trilogy that we will all love to watch may emerge from the Crysis series. Who can say no to a movie series where super soldiers battle aliens, with nanoarmor and the iconic “Maximum Optimized and Super Powers” mods?

Watch Dogs

The first Watch Dogs game, based on the story of Aiden Pearce, remained in our minds as an average production. Despite this, it had a very interesting main character. A vigilante crime fighter devoted to vengeance, Aiden was also a very successful hacker. Aiden was at a level that we can say is manageable in terms of combat. It would be a very good idea to combine the concept of hacking with a movie on the theme of Batman.

Dying Light

Dying Light has a unique feature that can distinguish it from ordinary zombie content. The fact that its open world is a huge parkour area and this mechanic can be adapted to the game in a fun way. If this track system can be successfully reflected in the movie, we can encounter a much more action-packed and gripping story than other zombie movies.

Dark Souls

Although unknown to most, Souls universes have very deep stories. Although the presentation of these stories in games is preferred in a different way, this deep story can be reflected to the audience through movies. The Dark Souls series, which stands out with its excellent atmosphere and enemy designs, is a dark fantasy product that can represent its own universe in the world of cinema quite successfully. The only question is, would it be stressful to watch?


Even though mafia stories go out of fashion in the world of cinema, the Mafia series (with the exception of the third game, we can say) does not. Who wouldn’t want to watch this story, which will take the subject from the very beginning and stay true to the essence of the series with its casting choices? A good series about the criminal world and the 1930s would have pleased us all.


Despite its overhead camera and strategic structure, Frostpunk is a game that successfully makes the player feel the weight and consequences of their decisions emotionally. Well, what if this social survival game came out as a series? A series about the manager of the last surviving community in a world buried under ice… Who would say no to a production in which the sacrifices that this community will make to survive will be handled beautifully?


When we say God of War, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Valheim, we have witnessed that Scandinavian mythology is used by many games. Hellblade, on the other hand, has a feature that distinguishes itself from these games. It is about a dark and spiritual story. Hellblade, a psychology-focused puzzle game that came out of this theme, managed to hook the player with its successful story and interesting story. Well, would it be bad to watch this story full of tension and difficulty in the cinema with the realistic whispers coming from the huge speakers worth tens of thousands of pounds around?


The game, which tells us the story of revenge that Alex Mercer, whose memory has been erased, wakes up as a ‘Prototype’ and has superior powers as a result of dirty experiments, can be the subject of a good movie. Also, it wouldn’t be bad if we saw a new Prototype game from Activision.


Starcraft, one of the successful game series of Blizzard Entertainment, is a strategy game that hosts a very deep universe. In 2016, we came across the movie World of Warcraft. Why shouldn’t Starcraft have a movie of its own?

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain, which has one of the most impressive stories in the game world, tried to influence the player psychologically and did it successfully. Heavy Rain was a production that focused more on detective and psychological thrillers. In addition to the detective side, if the dose of fear is increased, we can watch a very gripping emotional story.

The Witcher

The Witcher universe is a universe created by the books written by a Polish writer, Andrzej Sapkowski. While the books were popular before, CD Projekt is the company that played the biggest role in making this universe a worldwide brand. One of the biggest factors is the worldwide success of Witcher games and the fact that they are so loved by the players. There is already a Netflix series, but we know that this series has nothing to do with games and is about (or trying to get) books. Witcher games, on the other hand, are about the aftermath of the books. Although the first Witcher game is seriously old, it contains a wonderfully detailed story. A TV series or movie that will focus on Witcher games from the very beginning would have been really nice.

Written by Sophie Blake


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