Zynga and Rollic acquire Turkish game studio Uncosoft

Zynga’s Istanbul-based subsidiary Rollic which it acquired last year for around $180 million has announced the acquisition of Uncosoft, another Turkish gaming studio behind the hit title High Heels, as reported by TechCrunch.

Based in Izmir, Turkey, Uncosoft was founded in March 2018 by Edip Enes Çakır, Ugur Yigit and Şener Bilgin. The game studio has published many successful titles including 9PM Football Managers, Repair My Car! and High Heels. In fact,  the studio published the latter two together with Rollic. The hit title High Heels! was launched earlier this year and has been downloaded over 60 million times in just a few months.  

Producing a game together as development studio and publisher, you already start working like a merged company,’’ said Burak Vardal, Rollic Co-founder and CEO. ‘’You argue about game design all day, you share strategies […] and you — not on purpose — start learning about how that company operates, how are the founders, how is the art team.”

Uncosoft Chief Executive and Co-founder Edip Enes Çakır said that there’s been an “unprecedented harmony” between Rollic and Uncosoft as the studios have collaborated in the last years. 

Our culture and vision of making global games will be augmented with the expertise of Rollic and Zynga,” he added. 

The companies didn’t disclose the financial terms of the deal.

Last month, Zynga also acquired Torchlight III developer Echtra Games.

Written by Sophie Blake


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