TikTok introduces Spark Ads to let brands tap into pre-existing influencer posts

TikTok has globally launched its native ad format called ‘Spark Ads’ that lets advertisers use organic user posts as part of their ad campaigns in order to make it easier to leverage trending content and to increase conversion. 

Using the new ad format, advertisers can publish ads by using either their own TikTok account’s posts or organic posts made by other creators with their authorization. 

In a Spark Ad, users can access either the music that was used in the ad or the brand’s landing page with the click of a video caption or a CTA button, which was previously only offered on user-generated videos. 

While TikTok’s previous ad product only offered paid clicks, Spark Ads also includes options such as paid followers, likes and shares.

TikTok said, Spark Ads only supports the following objectives and product: 

  • Auction ads: Reach, Video View, Engagement(Beta), Traffic, Conversion and App Install objectives.
  • Reservation ads: Reach and Frequency(Beta)

Using Spark Ads, UK coffee brand Costa drove over 42 million impressions at a $1.89 CPM, translated into a 159% increase in followers, or 18,000 new fans.  


Off to make those gains? First, a Costa perfect for you. #fitness #goals #workout #gains #sports #fyp #Costa #TheCostaForYou #fittok

♬ original sound – Costa Coffee

“This product speaks to the nature of starting conversations and igniting interactions between brands, creators and the community. Spark Ads enables brands to amplify existing organic videos that fit their campaign objectives such as video view and conversion with great flexibility and efficiency.” the company said in a blog post

Last month, TikTok also announced a new feature named ‘’Jumps’’ which will allow content creators to add mini apps to their videos. 

ByteDance, the parent company of video sharing app TikTok, has started selling TikTok’s artificial intelligence to other companies outside China. According to the Financial Times, a new division of the company called BytePlus was launched in June, and TikTok’s artificial intelligence has been sold to companies such as India-based social gaming platform GamesApp, and US fashion app Goat.

Written by Maya Robertson


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