TikTok enables first- and third-party cookies for Pixels

TikTok announced that starting April 28, it enabled first- and third- party cookies for all standard and developer mode pixels created prior to March 10, 2022. 

“Cookies help the measurement, optimization and targeting of your campaigns. Performance is boosted when first- and third- party cookies are paired with Advanced Matching,” the company said. The company explains the benefits of using cookies with Advanced Matching as follows: 

     + Expand your reach: Build bigger and better audiences to reach website and app customers on TikTok. 

     + Boost campaign optimization: Improve bidding efficiency to further more conversion events. 

     + Measure full-funnel events: Optimize reporting and attribution of all events with improved signals. 

Facebook started offering a first-party cookie option to advertisers with the Facebook pixel in late 2019.

TikTok has also introduced Session ID as a new matchkey. Session ID records user event information for a single visit to an advertiser’s website and works with cookies to improve attribution and targeting. 

TikTok says that cookies are only available  for TikTok Pixel, Standard Mode or Developer Mode. It is not available with Pixel Partner integrations or with Events API.

Before the update, TikTok attribution was based on single user sessions, that is, if someone saw more than one ad over time before converting or purchased later on a different browser or device, the conversion wouldn’t connect to the campaign.

According to Insider Intelligence, TikTok’s global ad revenues will triple by 2022, surpassing Snapchat and Twitter. China’s popular short video app is projected to have more than $11 billion in ad revenue by 2022, more than half of which comes from the United States.

Although TikTok’s in-platform capabilities are winning a higher and higher share of overall consumer attention, TikTok hasn’t been as valuable for advertisers who want ad attribution, Maurice Rahmey, co-founder and CEO of the performance agency Disruptive Digital told AdExchanger

Written by Jordan Bevan


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