The top 20 power draining apps, revealed

Cloud service provider pCloud has conducted a new study to observe how much damage the 100 most popular apps worldwide are doing to your phone. 

The first thing they looked at as part of the research was what hardware the apps were using (like the camera and GPS). In addition, dark mode and battery consumption were also examined. 

As you know, most apps can be a complete battery killer as they  run the phone’s camera and location in the background. Aside from the battery life depleting over time and making the phone unusable, it turned out that some apps use high memory in the background, which slows the phone down considerably.

pCloud named its list of the most harmful apps “secret phone killers”. Within the scope of this research, it was revealed that the apps that were found to be the most harmful for phones were Fitbit, a popular health and fitness app, and My Verizon. 

The two use 14 out of the 16 available features to run in the background, including the phone’s camera, location, microphone and Wi-Fi features in the background. 

Being among the most harmful social media apps, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and WhatsApp use camera, photos, microphone and location features in the background at the same time.

The study also found that online dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble and Grinder make up 15% of the top killer apps, allowing on average 11 features to run in the background. 

Written by Maya Robertson


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