The top 1% of publishers generated 91% of all app revenue in H1 2022

Image Source: Sensor Tower

The top 1% of all Android and iOS app publishers around the world accounted for 91% of all app revenue generated during the first six months of 2022.

That’s according to a new report from Sensor Tower, which examined the revenue and download trends of 900.000 game and non-game apps. The company revealed that 9,000 publishers analyzed, or the top 1%, generated $42 billion in revenue in the first half of 2022, while the remaining generated only $4 billion. 

Tencent, the Chinese tech giant behind many popular titles including PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings, was the No.1 revenue generator of the first half with nearly $3.3 billion, which corresponds to 7% of the total app revenue generated worldwide in the first half. Tencent was followed by TikTok-owner ByteDance at No.2, which saw $1.3 billion in revenue. 

Per report, the top 1% also drove the majority (79%) of all app downloads generated during H1. While they saw 72 billion app installs worldwide, the remaining 99% generated 15 billion installs in total. Meanwhile, Meta and Google shared the top 2, with 1 billion downloads each. 

Top 1% of game publishers generated 93% of all game revenue 

The top 1% of game developers analyzed for the study generated $27 billion in H1 2022, which accounts for 93% of the total revenue. Meanwhile, the remaining 99% generated only $2 billion.

Similarly, Tencent was the No.1 game revenue generator of the first half with $2.6 billion, which corresponds to 10% of the total revenue game publishers generated.

Image Source Sensor Tower

In addition, the top 1% of game publishers also saw 22 billion installs across the Play Store and App Store, that’s 79% of the total downloads generated during H1 2022. Meanwhile, the remaining 99% generated 6 billion installs. 

Among the top performing game publishers, AppLovin, Embracer Group and Supersonic Studios drove 5 billion installs, which makes up 22% of all installs. 

The top 1% loses power

The study also found that the dominance of the top 1% has been going down over the last few years. For example, they drove 82% of all games downloads and 80% of overall downloads in H1 2019, and both fell to 79% in the first half of 2022. Similarly, their share of overall game revenue fell from 95% to 93%, and share of overall revenue dropped from 94% to 91%. 

Image Source Sensor Tower

Written by Tuna Cetin


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