Shoppers prefer mobile for in-store price comparisons – report

In the dynamic landscape of retail, consumers wield their smartphones as powerful tools, transforming the in-store shopping experience. According to data from August 2023 by 1WorldSync, a staggering 72% of adults in North America leverage their mobile devices for the crucial task of researching price comparisons while physically navigating the aisles. This statistic solidifies price comparison as the top research activity conducted on mobile devices in-store, underscoring the growing significance of digital assistance in the traditional shopping journey.

Delving deeper into the realm of in-store smartphone research, the data reveals that consumers are not merely fixated on prices. Approximately 69% of shoppers engage in researching customer reviews on their smartphones while in-store, emphasizing the role of social validation and peer opinions in shaping purchasing decisions. 

Additionally, 52% of consumers explore detailed product descriptions using their mobile devices, showcasing a thirst for comprehensive information that goes beyond the confines of traditional product labels.

However, the integration of digital and physical channels is not a novel concept. The Coveo survey conducted in January 2023 disclosed that 37% of adults in the US and UK prefer a hybrid approach, where they research products on a retailer’s website and subsequently make their purchase in-store. This hybrid shopping behavior signifies the seamless transition consumers make between online and offline touchpoints in their quest for the perfect purchase.

For retailers aiming to stay ahead in this evolving landscape, the mobile app emerges as a valuable asset. Beyond facilitating price comparisons, mobile apps offer a platform to provide in-store shoppers with a wealth of product information. By enhancing discoverability for brands and fostering a more informed consumer base, retailers can leverage the capabilities of mobile technology to create a more engaging and satisfying shopping experience.

As the prevalence of mobile-based price comparisons continues to rise, retailers must adapt their strategies to meet the evolving expectations of tech-savvy consumers. The marriage of in-store experiences with the convenience of digital research opens new avenues for retailers to connect with their audience and shape a shopping environment that seamlessly integrates the best of both worlds. In this era of smart shopping, the smartphone is not just a device; it’s a key that unlocks a realm of possibilities for retailers and consumers alike.

Written by Sophie Blake


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