Apple announces “contingent pricing” pilot for app subscriptions

Apple has introduced a pilot program named “Contingent Pricing for Subscriptions,” aimed at empowering App Store developers to offer enticing discounts for customers embracing multiple subscriptions. 

The new pilot program, unveiled on a Friday, seeks to encourage collaborations between developers, allowing them to extend discounts based on subscriptions from one or two different developers, provided both subscriptions remain active. This opens up new avenues for potential partnerships and synergies between different companies within the expansive App Store ecosystem.

The discounts offered through this program extend beyond the confines of the App Store itself. Developers can leverage these discounts in App Store advertising, marketing initiatives outside the platform, and seamlessly integrate them within the apps. 

“Customers can discover these pricing discounts within your app, in off-platform marketing channels, and in planned placements on the App Store. Apple helps you manage implementation, providing customers with a seamless redemption and purchasing experience based on the contingent price proposition you provide,” Apple explained. 

Pete Hare, an Apple engineering manager, shared insights on LinkedIn, emphasizing that Apple will handle all eligibility checks and commerce-related processes. Customers can conveniently download and subscribe to promoted apps with discounts in a single step, either through email links or directly from the App Store.

While the pilot program has been announced, its tangible impact may take some time to materialize, as Apple plans to onboard developers gradually over the coming months. This cautious approach allows for a smooth integration of the program, ensuring that developers can maximize the benefits and customers can seamlessly enjoy discounted subscriptions without any hiccups.

Developers have the option to register for notifications and will be alerted when additional details become available in January.

Written by Maya Robertson


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