[REPORT] Social media apps collect user data the most

Image Source: Clario

Privacy software company Clario’s new research sheds light on the companies that collect and track user data the most. 

The research found that social media apps collect more data than anybody else. Facebook is at the top of the list collecting and tracking almost 80% of user data, while Instagram collects 69.23% and TikTok collects 46.15%. 

Meanwhile, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok all collect face recognition, voice recognition, environment recognition, product recognition and language data, while accessing your contacts and image library. 

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Image Source Clario

In addition, Twitter ranked No.4 and Tinder ranked No.5.

Here’s the full list of the apps and the types of data they collect.

Image Source Clario

You can check out the research for more details.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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