Reddit introduces new ad formats for Conversation Placement

Reddit has introduced two new features to its Conversation Placement ads, incorporating Carousel and Product display options directly into chat streams within the app.

Originally launched in September 2021, Conversation ads allowed advertisers to promote their products directly within the engaged post comment threads on Reddit. This latest update offers alternative avenues to engage users in post reply streams, featuring direct product promotions and a new carousel display to effectively showcase offers.

“These new units, strategically placed in the heart of Reddit discussions, provide an even more dynamic and compelling way for advertisers to reach relevant audiences, offer deeper value to users, and drive more robust, full-funnel performance within the multitude of conversations taking place in Reddit communities every day,” Reddit says

Regarding product ads, Reddit highlights that this new placement option allows brands to connect with users in research mode, actively engaging in discussions with other users and therefore more likely to make a purchase decision.

Carousel ads in chats also empower advertisers to add more context and relevance to their Conversation ads.

Moreover, Carousel Ads have undergone a redesign to enhance both user and advertiser experiences. Brands can now feature up to six images or GIFs within the unit, each with its clickable link to the respective landing pages.

During early testing, Reddit reported a 44% increase in click-through rates compared to its previous Carousel Ad units.

Both these features provide valuable opportunities for brands to tap into relevant discussions, positioning their products in front of highly engaged Reddit communities actively seeking advice before making a purchase. The chat stream often holds substantial value on Reddit, particularly for product discovery, and having more ways to connect with users at the right time can significantly benefit advertisers.

“Around two in three redditors say they would purchase a product if they saw an ad for it on Reddit, which represents a huge, untapped market for brands to reach relevant audiences who are leaned in and ready to take action. Our interest-based communities, and particularly the conversations happening within those communities, is unique to Reddit and brings an unmatched opportunity for advertisers to reach the right people in the right context,” said Jim Squires, Reddit’s EVP of Business Marketing and Growth. 

“As we continue to scale our advertising business, we’re investing in what makes the Reddit community, and our ads business, so special: the richness of discussion happening between real people. Doing so allows us to get more brands in front of our users so they can discover new products and services they love, and these updates to our Conversation Placement is the latest example of our efforts to this end.”

Both Carousel Ads and Product Ads are now accessible within Conversation Placement for all Reddit advertisers worldwide.

Written by Sophie Blake


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