LiveRamp and Epsilon partner to enhance user privacy and revenue for publishers

In the world of digital advertising, a new partnership between LiveRamp, a data connection platform, and Epsilon, a global advertising tech company, aims to do two important things: keep people’s private information safe and help companies make more money. This partnership introduces a way for websites to make money from ads while also keeping your personal info private.

LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) is a big part of this. It helps websites use their own info about users in a safe way. It doesn’t use third-party cookies or mobile IDs, which are ways companies sometimes track you online. It works on popular web browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. It uses a special code called RampID to do this.

Epsilon is bringing something called “PubLink” to the party. It uses a code called CORE ID. PubLink helps websites recognize who you are in a safe way. Advertisers can then show you ads that are more about what you like. This mix of ATS and PubLink makes sure your private info is safe while you see ads that match your interests.

One big plus is that websites can make more money this way. By using PubLink with ATS, websites can tell who you are without using cookies. This means they can make more money from ads. Plus, you’ll see ads that are more about what you like.

Also, websites can now show ads to lots of advertisers through Epsilon Digital. This means they can make even more money. If websites already use ATS, adding PubLink is easy and doesn’t cost extra.

This partnership helps websites make more money, get ready for the future, and follow privacy rules. Both LiveRamp and Epsilon care a lot about keeping your info safe, and they follow privacy laws from around the world.

“Facing a complex macroeconomic climate and big-picture shifts like signal deprecation, publishers must be dynamic and prioritize sustainable, forward-looking strategies.” stated Travis Clinger, SVP, Activations and Addressability at LiveRamp. “Publishers can leverage authenticated identity to better monetize their inventory, and LiveRamp’s partnership with Epsilon connects their authenticated inventory with even more advertiser demand. I’m thrilled to continue our commitment to interoperability by now supporting Epsilon’s PubLink with ATS in addition to The Trade Desk’s UID 2.0 / EUID and Google Display & Video 360’s PAIR via an add-on module.”

“We believe in solutions that benefit everyone across the open web, with privacy being of utmost importance. Our collaboration propels the industry forward, and our work with LiveRamp will offer immediate benefits to publishers, advertisers, and site visitors alike.” added Chad Peplinski, Chief Media Officer at Epsilon. “By prioritizing privacy at every step, our partnership allows publishers to access our industry-leading solutions and realize their monetization advantages without requiring any additional technological or financial investment, ensuring that user data is secure and protected.” 

In short, LiveRamp and Epsilon’s partnership lets websites make money from ads while keeping your private info safe, making it  a win-win for everyone in the digital world. 

Recently, White Bullet announced its partnership with Sharethrough to ensure enhanced cyber safety, sustainability, and efficiency. 

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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