Issa Rae is The New Celebrity Google Assistant

Google Assistant has added a new and famous voice to its structure. With the new feature currently available in the United States, users will be able to get weather forecasts from Issa Rae’s voice and search through Google with her.

Google sometimes provides different voice options in Google Assistant. They came up with John Legend’s voice in April and users liked it very much. Now, they came up with Issa Rae, a famous actress and singer, to provide users a different and joyful experience.

Apparently, Google is working to make Google Assistant more natural. Issa Rae is also giving joyful answers when you ask her questions such as ‘’Do I need an umbrella today?’’ or ‘’Can you make me a joke?’’.

It’s worth reminding that Issa Rae is the second famous voice for Google Now after John Legend. We’re waiting impatiently for the third celebrity. Who do you think will be next? 🙂 

Written by Jordan Bevan


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