WhatsApp Mysteriously Disappeared From Google Play For a While

WhatsApp disappeared from Google Play Store and other app markets for a while and the reason is not known yet. Users couldn’t access WhatsApp when they searched on Google Play Store, but the WhatsApp page remained available.

WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging application in the world, is a must for many users today. Interestingly, yesterday WhatsApp became invisible on Google Play Store. No one knows why the problem occured and neither Google nor WhatsApp officials came up with an explanation.

When Android users opened Google Play Store and searched for WhatsApp, the application did not appear. However, “WhatsApp Business” application, developed for business owners, could be viewed directly. Android users did not experience any problems while using WhatsApp. The application worked smoothly.

Another interesting thing is that WhatsApp’s Google Play Store page remained active. Users just couldn’t reach it from the search bar. In addition, the application page also had no problem on iOS App Store. Moreover, Samsung and Galaxy users reported that they couldn’t find in their application stores.

Disappearance of WhatsApp lasted for a few hours. Users in The United Kingdom, Netherlands and Turkey reported having the problem. It is not known yet if the problem covered other countries.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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