iOS App Store has 101 million monthly active users in Europe, Apple says

Image Source: Apple

Apple has disclosed the App Store’s total number of monthly active users in Europe in order to comply with the European Digital Services Act. 

The company’s largest online platform in Europe is the iOS App Store with 101 million monthly users, followed by the iPadOS App Store with 23 million and the macOS App Store with 6 million. Apple stated that the watchOS App Store, Apple Books, and podcasts paid subscriptions services have less than 1 million monthly users in the region. 

  • iOS App Store: 101 million
  • iPadOS App Store: 23 million
  • macOS App Store: 6 million
  • tvOS App Store: 1 million
  • watchOS App Store: under 1 million
  • Apple Books: under 1 million
  • Podcasts paid subscriptions: under 1 million

The company said the figures are based on an average during the six-month period ending in January 2023. 

The rules outlined in the European Digital Services Act apply to “very large online platforms (VLOPs),” which are those with 45 million or more monthly active users. “Apple views each version of the App Store as a distinct online platform under the DSA, and only the iOS App Store may qualify as a VLOP,” the company said. 

“Nonetheless, Apple intends, on an entirely voluntary basis, to align each of the existing versions of the App Store (including those that do not currently meet the VLOP designation threshold) with the existing DSA requirements for VLOPs because the goals of the DSA align with Apple’s goals to protect consumers from illegal content.”

Written by Maya Robertson


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