Instagram Reels dominates as top influencer marketing platform in the US -report

Instagram Reels is emerging as the dominant platform for influencer marketing in the United States, with 53.7% of US marketers planning to utilize it for their influencer marketing campaigns this year, according to Insider Intelligence’s Influencer Marketing by Platform 2023 report. The platform’s popularity is expected to grow, with 62.2% of marketers projected to use Instagram Reels for influencer marketing by 2025, placing it on par with Facebook.

Instagram Reels has gained prominence as the leading platform for influencer marketing, with over half of US marketers planning to leverage it in their campaigns in 2023. This trend is expected to continue, further solidifying its position.

The forecast indicates a substantial increase in Instagram Reels’ adoption among marketers, from 53.7% in 2023 to 62.2% in 2025. This growth trajectory aligns it closely with Facebook in terms of influencer marketing usage.

Instagram is set to be used by 97.6% of US marketers in 2023. This broad adoption is attributed to Instagram’s diverse content formats, robust creator tools, and extensive audience reach.

While Instagram Reels dominates, it’s worth noting that TikTok boasts higher engagement rates. This could potentially attract the remaining 46.3% of US marketers who have not yet utilized the platform for influencer marketing.

Marketers are encouraged to engage audiences effectively by running influencer marketing campaigns across various social channels. Adopting a video-first approach rather than being platform-specific allows marketers to connect with audiences on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and beyond.

Instagram Reels’ ascent in the influencer marketing landscape highlights the importance of video content and its effectiveness in engaging audiences. Another recent report by Insider Intelligence revealed that in 2024, influencer marketing spending in the US is set to reach remarkable heights, with Instagram leading the charge at over $2 billion. Notably, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook are also set to cross the billion-dollar mark in influencer marketing spending. As the competition in this space intensifies, marketers must stay adaptable and explore multiple platforms to reach their target demographics effectively. 

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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