Instagram now lets you know if your content is recommendable

Image Source: Instagram Blog

Instagram announced on Wednesday that it’s expanding Account Status adding new tools that will allow professional accounts to find out whether their content can be recommended to other users on the platform.

The social media company first launched Account Status in October 2021 to help users understand what’s happening with their accounts, and let them know if any of their posts violate its rules and could result in their accounts being removed. With the new tools added to the hub, they will now also be able to check out if their content is eligible to be recommended to non-followers on the platform or vice versa. 

You can access the new tools by heading to your profile settings, selecting the ‘’Account’’ option and then clicking on ‘’Account Status’’. If you find out that your content is not eligible for recommendations, you can edit or delete your posts, or appeal the decision if you disagree with the company’s decision.

‘’We know that, for many creators, having Instagram recommend your content is a great way to reach new fans and grow your audience,’’ said the company in a blog post. ‘’That’s why it’s important to us that creators understand our guidelines and are able to know if something they’ve posted or have in their profile may be impacting their reach to non-followers.’’

‘’It’s also why we’re introducing the ability to disagree with our decision so our review team can take another look as quickly as possible and we can continue to improve our detection technology.’’

Instagram also recently began rolling out a new scheduling tool to professional accounts to enable them to schedule Reels, photos and carousel posts up to 75 days, without having to use a third party solution.

Written by Tuna Cetin


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