Instagram expands its marketplace to connect brands and creators in 8 new markets

Instagram, having initiated tests for its creator marketplace in the US in 2022, is now expanding this collaborative tool to encompass eight additional markets. Over the next few weeks, Instagram plans to extend invitations to creators and brands in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Japan, India, Brazil, and Chinese export brands outside of China. 

Instagram is also introducing new machine learning-based recommendations, utilizing Instagram data to assist brands in seamlessly discovering creators aligned with their campaign objectives. Eligible brands will be able to access these tailored recommendations within Instagram’s creator marketplace through Meta Business Suite in the upcoming months.

One of the significant functionalities of Instagram’s creator marketplace is its ability to facilitate effortless collaboration between brands and creators, with a specific focus on partnership ads. Formerly known as branded content ads, partnership ads allow advertisers to amplify their content by incorporating a creator’s handle, enabling them to scale their collaborations effectively. 

The operational process involves brands and creators joining Instagram’s creator marketplace through Meta Business Suite and the Instagram app, respectively. Creators have the opportunity to specify their relevant interests and associated brands, creating a personalized portfolio to showcase their unique attributes.

The matchmaking process is streamlined through the testing of new machine learning-powered creator recommendations for each brand, providing tailored suggestions. Brands can also conduct searches, filtering for specific creator and audience attributes, and explore a list of creators expressing interest, along with their detailed portfolios.

Once the right match is identified, the collaboration process commences with creators receiving brand messages in a dedicated Partnership Messages folder. Brands can reach out directly or create and send project proposals to multiple creators, outlining the branded content or partnership ad opportunities. Creators, in turn, can review the details, requirements, and rates within the Instagram app.

Upon reaching an agreement, brands and creators move forward to the creation and launch phase. Advertisers can boost organic Instagram content as partnership ads or create new partnership ads in Ads Manager.

Written by Sophie Blake


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