PhonePe launches Indus Appstore to rival Apple and Google

In a significant move aimed at bolstering India’s mobile app ecosystem, PhonePe officially unveiled the Indus Appstore, an Android-based app store, during a launch event held at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi on February 21. With a strategic focus on fostering a competitive and localized app store economy, the Indus Appstore provides users with access to a diverse array of over 2,00,000 mobile apps and games spanning across 45 categories. 

Notably, the platform supports third-party payments and exempts developers from listing fees for the first year. Leading brands such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Meta have already aligned with PhonePe’s Indus Appstore, marking a significant entry into the Indian market.

The app discovery feature stands out by being available in 12 Indian languages, catering to the language preferences of 95% of Indian users. Additionally, the platform introduces a novel short-video-based discovery feature to engage users in exploring various applications, according to a press release from PhonePe. While Google apps are notably absent from the Indus Appstore, PhonePe, a frontrunner in India’s mobile payments market, is actively collaborating with third-party aggregators to onboard a plethora of apps. The platform also features localized elements such as app discovery through short videos and the option to sign in using a mobile number instead of an email address.

Indus Appstore incorporates several other distinctive features, including “smart updates” that deliver updates to users’ phones during periods of increased data availability. Developers on the platform enjoy the flexibility to choose any third-party payment gateway for in-app billing without incurring commission charges, a provision extended until April 1, 2025. While Indus plans to introduce its own in-app billing and catalogue solutions later on, these offerings will remain optional for developers.

Sameer Nigam, the CEO and Founder of PhonePe, underscored the platform’s commitment to nurturing healthy competition in the mobile app marketplace, aiming to foster a more democratic and vibrant digital ecosystem in India. The Indus Appstore is now available for download at, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of India’s app market.

Written by Sophie Blake


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