In-app subscription market projected to surpass $120 billion in 2024

According to a recent report by, the in-app subscription market is witnessing unprecedented growth in 2024, with global revenue projections surpassing $120 billion, marking a substantial increase from the previous year.

Despite facing challenges such as inflation and stringent data regulations, the sector has managed to thrive, recording a 15% year-over-year growth in its subscriber base. This surge is driven by new opportunities such as alternative app stores, third-party in-app payments, and flourishing web-to-app solutions.

In light of these developments, it is crucial for developers to understand the benchmarks that define modern subscription apps. This comprehensive report delves into various aspects of subscription apps, focusing on Lifetime Value (LTV) and mobile paywalls, providing valuable insights for optimizing app growth strategies.

Weekly subscriptions have gained significant traction, now accounting for over 55% of the market share. Despite the general trend of longer subscription durations having lower churn and higher LTV, weekly plans offer unique advantages. They serve as a low-commitment alternative for users to trial a product, often replacing the traditional 7-day free trials while still generating revenue.

Moreover, the higher price point of weekly plans frames monthly subscriptions as more cost-effective, thereby appealing to budget-conscious users. Additionally, weekly subscriptions cater to users who are hesitant to commit to longer durations, providing a flexible option that aligns with diverse user behaviors.

Monthly and annual subscriptions exhibit similar patterns to weekly subscriptions in terms of price distribution and renewal rates. Monthly subscriptions, with an average price of $12, demonstrate a moderate refund rate of 2.8% and an LTV of $40 over 12 months.

Annual subscriptions, priced at $36 on average, show a slightly higher refund rate of 3.1% but achieve a higher LTV of $44 over the same period. These trends highlight the importance of offering various subscription durations to cater to different user preferences and financial capabilities.

LTV remains a critical metric in the subscription business, reflecting long-term retention, app credibility, and guiding acquisition strategies. By accurately predicting and calculating LTV, developers can pursue customer acquisition more aggressively while maintaining financial security. The report provides detailed LTV analytics for different regions and subscription types, emphasizing the need for tailored strategies based on regional and subscription-specific insights.

The United States leads in LTV across all subscription types, underscoring the significance of understanding unit economics before investing heavily in international markets. For U.S. companies expanding abroad, it is essential to comprehend the LTV of international users to make informed advertising investments. Conversely, international companies should consider the U.S. market early in their development process, given its high potential despite intense competition.

Paywalls play a pivotal role in converting users into paying customers and generating revenue. Effective paywall design and experimentation with pricing are crucial for sustainable app growth. The report highlights the success of various paywall configurations, with 2- and 3-product paywalls emerging as the most popular choices. Additionally, frequent experimentation with paywalls correlates with significantly higher revenue, emphasizing the importance of dynamic and personalized paywall strategies.

Successful paywall strategies include maintaining dynamic content, optimizing colors and text on call-to-action buttons, and tailoring paywalls to different audience segments. Additionally, developers should focus on both immediate revenue and the long-term development of Customer LTV. The report underscores that app owners in the U.S. conduct more pricing experiments than those in other regions, reflecting the critical role of pricing strategies in maximizing revenue.

Written by Sophie Blake


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