Google’s new AR toy ‘Floom’ lets you see the other side of the Earth by pointing your phone’s cam at the ground

Google announced that it has introduced a new augmented reality tool called Floom. Floom, currently available as an experimental project, is a browser-based service that allows you to dig an imaginary hole from your location to the other side of the Earth and offers an interesting experience. Google states that Floom works in integration with Google Earth.

Creating a special website for the service that is in the experimental phase, Google asks you to point your phone’s or tablet’s camera  at the ground after accessing this website. Digging an augmented reality-powered tunnel when you point that ground, Floom lets you open that location in Google Earth to take a look around. You can change the angle of your device to control how your tunnel intersects the Earth to explore different places from one location. 

Floom is available using Chrome on Android devices. With a supported device, you can scan the QR code with your phone camera to take you to the mobile site. Google says users can explore all over the world through Floom. 

Written by Sophie Blake


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