Global streaming increases by 21% in Q3 2021

According to a recent report from Conviva, global streaming increased by 21% year-over-year, led predominantly by Africa, which saw an 273% rise.

Per the report, Oceania saw a healthy increase of 80%, followed by South America up 56%. Asia and Europe were neck and neck with their increases, at 45% and 42%, respectively. North America, a much more established streaming market, held steady at 2% growth, which was the same year-over-year increase as last quarter. 

Conviva found that big screens, including smart TVs, connected TV devices, and gaming consoles, accounted for 73% of all streaming viewing time worldwide. Smaller screens saw steady gains as mobile and desktop outpaced the overall growth, up 32% and 30%, respectively, while tablets grew less, up just 14%. 

The report also found that, in addition to the overall increase in content consumption, streaming advertising also saw gains after a tough 2020. Between this quarter and the last quarter alone, ad experiments and ad impressions increased by over 30%. Only 15% of ads did not deliver as intended in the third quarter of 2021 for a 23% reduction in missed ad opportunities by quarter.

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Streaming platforms also increased their content output on YouTube by 97% which resulted in an 8.4% increase in views and an increase in engagement of 24%. Looking at total video views on YouTube, Disney+ Hotstar outnumbered Netflix with a whooping 365.3 million views in the quarter to Netflix’s 302.9 million, despite having an audience around a tenth their size.

Written by Sophie Blake


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