Disney+ enhances ad-supported tier with advanced features

Disney+ is rolling out several significant upgrades to its ad-supported tier, all aimed at enhancing its appeal to advertisers and driving further engagement according to Marketing Dive. Over the past year, Disney+ has observed half of its new subscribers opting for the ad-supported tier. This choice has resulted in a 35% increase in engagement on the platform in the last six months. The platform’s commitment to improving its ad-supported offering aligns with its objective of expanding in the competitive streaming space.

One of the key enhancements is advanced audience targeting capabilities. Advertisers will have access to a more sophisticated system that allows them to target specific audience segments based on various qualifiers. These include age, gender, geography at the state and designated market area levels, and segmentation data derived from Disney’s first-party Audience Graph tool.

Disney+ is broadening its programmatic opportunities to facilitate more effective advertising transactions. It will offer biddable transactions through private marketplaces and invite-only auctions across 30 different demand-side platforms (DSPs). This expansion enables advertisers to leverage programmatic buying more effectively within Disney+’s ad-supported environment.

The platform is diversifying its ad formats to cater to the unique preferences of advertisers. It will offer a range of options, including mid-roll ads and spots of various durations. This flexibility allows advertisers to tailor their messaging according to their specific goals. Additionally, Disney+ will explore content partnerships to provide brands with even more creative advertising options.

This strategic push to improve its ad-supported tier positions Disney+ to attract more advertising investment and fortify its position in the competitive streaming landscape. It is consistent with industry trends, as other streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon also focus on enhancing their advertising capabilities and partnerships for more effective ad campaigns.

Furthermore, Disney+ has announced that subscribers in the US will access an ad-free bundled subscription plan that combines Disney+ Premium with ad-free Hulu programming, offering more flexibility and choice for consumers.

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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