Dating app Hinge gives couples £100 for their second date

To celebrate the easing of lockdown restrictions in the United Kingdom, popular Dating app Hinge announced that it’ll give couples who match on its platform £100 gift cards for their second in-real-life dates. 

The company said there won’t be any limitations on what the payment named ‘second date stipend’ can be used for. 

In order to get your £50 gift cards, you must go on an in-person date with another user this week  (April 12-18th) and report your date using the ‘We Met’ feature on the Hinge app. 

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After reporting your date, Hinge will send you an email with the instructions for your  £50 gift card which you’ll be able to use for your second in-person date. The company will send the gift cards starting April 19. 

Users are encouraged to follow Coronavirus restrictions and take precautions during any dates, such as observing mandatory social distancing.

“At Hinge, we’re hearing our users loud and clear: they’re ready to get back out there and date in person again.’’ said Logan Ury, Hinge’s Director of Relationship Science. ‘’With this in mind, we expect to see a huge increase in dating this spring as restrictions lift. After more than a year in lockdown, we’re excited to see Hinge users get off the app and onto great dates.”

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Meanwhile, Hinge encourages users to follow COVID restrictions and take precautions such as maintaining social distancing during their dates. 

Written by Maya Robertson


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