8 Cheapest Apps for Flights

Travel enthusiasts and penny-pinchers alike, rejoice! In the age of smartphones, finding the cheapest flights has never been easier, thanks to a slew of ingenious apps designed to make your globetrotting dreams a reality. If you’re on the hunt for budget-friendly airfare, look no further. Here are the cheapest apps for flights!


Price: Free

FareFirst is your one-stop solution for cost-effective travel. This app is your ticket to uncovering the cheapest flights and top-notch hotel booking deals. Equipped with a real-time flight tracker, FareFirst ensures you’re always up-to-date with your itinerary. It instantly scours over 500 travel websites to secure the best prices. With a single click, you can compare thousands of trusted travel sites, airlines, and online travel agencies, both domestic and international. FareFirst’s specialized search engine guarantees you always receive the best deals, making your travel experience stress-free and budget-friendly. In addition to traditional travel agencies, it collaborates with budget airlines to find direct airfare deals and offers unbeatable discounts on hotel bookings, covering various accommodation types.

FareFirst on Google Play

FareFirst on the App Store

Kiwi.com: Book Cheap Flights

Price: Free

Kiwi.com simplifies your travel plans by offering affordable flights and connecting travel deals. This reliable app streamlines the booking process, allowing you to book flights with ease. Kiwi.com’s unique flight search, powered by Kiwi-Code, unveils flight ticket prices that airlines don’t actively promote. You can discover the lowest prices for trains, buses, and flights, receive tailored recommendations for cheap flights, and set price alerts for your preferred routes. Users can take advantage of travel hacks, such as throwaway ticketing and self-transfer itineraries, to secure the best deals for their journey. Kiwi.com is one of the cheapest apps for flights.

Kiwi.com: Book Cheap Flights on Google Play

Kiwi.com: Book Cheap Flights on the App Store

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Cheapflights: Flights & Hotels

Price: Free

Cheapflights is your gateway to searching, comparing, and booking affordable flights from a vast selection of airlines and travel agents worldwide. Whether you’re planning a last-minute or well-organized trip, this user-friendly app provides valuable assistance. The app offers a price calendar and smart value feature to help you identify the cheapest travel dates while balancing price and flight duration. You can save and compare flights for future bookings and access your flight preferences across all your devices. This free flight comparison service simplifies your journey by directing you to airlines or travel agents for bookings without hidden fees. To learn more, discover Cheapflights’ website.

Cheapflights: Flights & Hotels on Google Play

Cheapflights: Flights & Hotels on the App Store


Price: Free

KAYAK stands out among the cheapest apps for flights, offering comprehensive tools to search and compare flights, hotels, and rental cars. The app’s unique “Explore” feature enables you to discover new destinations within your budget and preferences. With price alerts and a user-friendly interface, KAYAK ensures you never miss a deal. Whether you’re planning flights, accommodations, or transportation, KAYAK simplifies the entire travel planning process for a seamless experience. To learn more, go to KAYAK’s website.

KAYAK on Google Play

KAYAK on the App Store

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Hopper: Flights, Hotels & Cars

Price: Free

Hopper is a traveler’s best friend, assisting over 100 million travelers in finding the best prices for flights, hotels, homes, and car rentals. This app allows you to book your entire trip with ease, offering notifications for the best time to book and flexible travel date options. It also provides unique features like price freezing and flexible booking options. Hopper’s commitment to offsetting carbon emissions makes it a responsible choice for eco-conscious travelers. Hopper ranks among the cheapest apps for flights. Explore Hopper’s website for more detailed information.

Hopper: Flights, Hotels & Cars on Google Play

Hopper: Flights, Hotels & Cars on the App Store


Price: Free

Skyscanner, a top-tier travel app, simplifies your journey by enabling you to compare flight prices from various airlines effortlessly. Its intuitive design lets you filter results by price, duration, and airline, ensuring you find the best deals. Whether you’re planning a last-minute getaway or a well-planned trip, Skyscanner caters to all types of travelers. Skyscanner is considered among the cheapest apps for flights. Explore Skyscanner’s website for more detailed information.

Skyscanner on Google Play

Skyscanner on the App Store

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Agoda: Book Hotels and Flights

Price: Free 

Agoda’s app is your go-to tool for finding unbeatable deals on accommodations and flights worldwide, and it deserves to be among the cheapest apps for flights. Users can shop for exclusive deals, save up to 80% with Member Deals, and search over 200 airlines for the cheapest fares. The app allows users to discover a wide range of hotels, villas, BnBs, and vacation rentals, all tailored to their preferences. With 24/7 customer support and a commitment to sustainability, Agoda ensures a smooth and eco-friendly travel experience. Visit Agoda’s website to learn more about the app.

Agoda: Book Hotels and Flights on Google Play

Agoda: Book Hotels and Flights on the App Store

Momondo: Flights, Hotels, Cars

Price: Free

Momondo’s all-in-one travel app empowers you to find, compare, and book flights and hotels worldwide effortlessly. This free app searches billions of flight and hotel prices globally, helping you save time and money on your next trip. With transparent price comparison and personalized search features, Momondo ensures you get the best deals for your specific journey. Users can enjoy a seamless booking experience with Momondo. Check out Momondo’s website to learn more.

Momondo: Flights, Hotels, Cars on Google Play

Momondo: Flights, Hotels, Cars on the App Store

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