The 7 Best Flight Tracking Apps

Air travel has become quite common nowadays. While it used to take days or even months to travel by train, horse-drawn carriages, buses, or ships, now we can get to where we want in minimum time. Wouldn’t it be great if I told you that you can learn flight times, delays, gate changes, and even flight information with a single app while planning your trip? We have reviewed the flight tracking apps that save time and inform you in unexpected situations, and we have listed the best flight tracking apps for you.

Flightradar24 Flight Tracker

Price: Free / In-App Purchases: $3.99 – $34.99

This app, which has more than 2 million users daily, is among the best flight tracking apps for Android and iPhone. This flight tracker app tracks more than 180,000 flights daily and provides users with statistical data. In addition, this app is used not only by travelers but also by most significant airlines in the aviation industry, including Airbus, Embraer, and Boeing. The app is unique because it has the world’s largest ADS-B network with over 30,000 connected receivers.

Flightradar24, which you can easily use in your travels, is the number 1 app in the App Store in more than 130 countries and the number 1 travel app in the App Store in more than 150 countries. It also has more than 40 million app downloads.

Moreover, Flightradar24 Flight Tracker has a website, and users can visit the website from the desktop and have information about the flights.

Flightradar24 Flight Tracker on Google Play

Flightradar24 Flight Tracker on the Apple Store

The Flight Tracker

Price: Free / In-App Purchases: $1.99 – $49.99

This app, which is a flight tracking app that provides easy access to all airlines and flight information at all airports, attracts the attention of travel lovers with its many features such as detailed departure and arrival information, flight delay information, real-time terminal, and gate updates, the ability to add boarding passes, and interesting flight information. The app, which is very easy for personalized travel planning, offers extra features such as adding notes with flight details, synchronizing with the calendar, and checking destination weather conditions, in addition to classic flight information. Flight Tracker also gives users the chance to plan their flights on Trips, and the app automatically syncs with their TripIt account.

Furthermore, the app provides up-to-date information to the user by sending notifications in case of departure/arrival time changes, gate and terminal changes, and live flight status updates.

The Flight Tracker on Google Play

The Flight Tracker on Apple Store

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FlightAware Flight Tracker

Price: Free / In-App Purchases: $0.99 – $139.99

FlightAware is a digital aviation company app that has the world’s largest flight tracking data and provides at least 10,000 aircraft operator services. In addition, FlightAware serves at least 13,000,000 passengers and provides information from air traffic systems in more than 45 countries. This flight tracking app receives data via a data link (satellite/VHF) from Aireon global space-based ADS-B and all major providers including ARINC, SITA, Garmin, Satcom Direct, and Honeywell GoDirect.

​​For more detailed information, visit the app’s website.

FlightAware Flight Tracker on Google Play

FlightAware Flight Tracker on Apple Store


Price: Free

Knowing about 97% of scheduled flights worldwide, FlightStats is a flight tracking app that can be synchronized with the Apple Watch. The app gives users the ability to track flights as they move around the world with a flight tracker and quick access to worldwide flight status by flight number, airport, or route. In addition, app developers purchased $300 billion of ticket price data for pricing and trend analysis.

This app, which provides detailed information about more than 35 million flights a year, also gives more than 400 information about more than 400,000 commercial aircraft. FlightStats provides 1.7 million daily updates, and 90 million passengers access route information each year. Moreover, for those who use Siri, with FlightStats, Siri Shortcut has information about Departures, Arrivals, Route searches, or daily flights.

Also, you can visit FlightStats’ website for more information.

FlightStats on Google Play

FlightStats on the App Store

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Price: Free / In-App Purchase: Ad-free(1 Month subscription):$2.99 /Remove Ads: $24.99

FlightView, a real-time flight information app, is one of the best flight tracking apps and tracks upcoming air flights all over the world. FlightView saves passengers time by notifying passengers in advance by sending instant notifications about gate allocation, delays, and cancellations. Also, the My Home page allows users to effortlessly see the current status of their airport and users’ next trip.

The app allows you to see where your flight came from and check your previous flight and flight status while learning terminal, gate, and baggage claim information. In unfortunate situations or when travelers change their minds, they can easily find alternative flights by examining intercity flight schedules. Users can search and save flights for up to 350 days in the future.

FlightView is also optimized for phones and tablets, and you can view FlightView’s possibilities from your desktop computer by going to the app’s website.

Flightview on the Google Play

Flightview on the App Store

App in the Air 

Price: Free / In-App Purchases: $4.99 – $49.99

App in the Air is a personal flight assistant app with airport tips, maps inside the airport, and up-to-date flight status information. The feature that distinguishes this app from the others is that App in the Air works without an internet connection and notifies the changes in flights by SMS, and with this feature, it has earned the right to be one of the best flight tracking apps. Users can use the app as a flight log, record, and track all their flights. Additionally, passengers can check their flight automatically within the app. The app also contains information about over 1000 airlines and the world’s busiest airports.

Additionally, there is a website of the app for travel lovers.

App in the Air on Google Play

App in the Air on Apple Store

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Plane Finder ⁃ Flight Tracker

Price: Free / In-App Purchases: $3.49 – $19.99

Plane Finder ⁃ Flight Tracker app is good enough to be one of the indispensable apps for your trips with the multiple features it provides. The app has features such as Selected map styles, pioneer dark mode, custom aircraft tags, powerful search, trending flights, map focus mode, comprehensive technical data, live airport information, and live global flight tracking. Accompanying users from the beginning to the end of their flight journey, this app is just one of the best flight tracking apps.

In addition, you can get extra information by browsing the app’s website.

Plane Finder on Google Play

Plane Finder on Apple Store

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