ByteDance Launches New Casual Game Store And Publishing Arm

Image Source: The New York Times

ByteDance, China-based tech company and the developer of TikTok,  launched a new mobile games store and a publishing arm.

The tech giant launched its new games store named ”Danjuan Games” last month and there are now many casual titles including puzzle games and simple-side scrollers available in the store. 

Just after a month, the company has now launched a new publishing arm named ”Pixmain” which currently has five independent games in the works. All of the titles are expected to be available on mobile while 3 of them will be also released for PC and one will also get a version for Nintendo Switch. 

According to South China Morning Post, ByteDance hopes to compete with other Chinese tech giants including Tencent and NetEase. 

‘ByteDance is heavily investing in each part of the video game industry value chain to solidify its presence as a major player in the games market,” said  Zeng Xiaofeng, Vice President of Niko Partners.

After experiencing setbacks in publishing mid-core and hardcore games, proving that it may be difficult to [follow] the same path as Tencent or NetEase, ByteDance is carving out a path of its own in the areas of casual and hyper-casual games,” said Chundi Zhang, video games research analyst at Ampere Analysis. 

Written by Sophie Blake


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