The 12 Best Games Like Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors, which won the likes of millions with its debut and gained an incredible popularity, is one of the most talked about productions at the moment. Vampire Survivors, which allows you to create your own unique characters with its addictive gameplay and dozens of options, is one of the best names in the genre, but it is not the only name. In this article, we have brought together the best games like Vampire Survivors. 

The Best Games Like Vampire Survivors

  1. Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde
  2. Bounty of One
  3. Just King
  4. Gatekeeper: Eclipse
  5. Soulstone Survivors
  6. Brotato
  7. 20 Minutes Till Dawn
  8. Tiny Rogues
  9. Project Lazarus
  10. Bardbarian
  11. Spellbook Demonslayers
  12. Rogue: Genesia

Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde

Platforms: PC

Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde, which is a very interesting game with its graphics and battlefields, has a style that pushes you towards RPG a little more. In this rogue-lite action game, you will use passive attacks and skills to battle massive waves of creatures. You will kill countless numbers of continuously advancing creatures to survive, and will gather souls to boost your strength and skills in the field. 

Bounty of One

Platforms: PC

Bounty of One stands out with its visual focus on the wild west. In the game, where you are wanted as an outlaw, you must destroy everyone who wants to catch you and struggle to survive in this haunted land. Bounty of One, a game with roguelite mechanics set in a fun western/fantasy environment, is among the best games like Vampire Survivors.

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Just King

Platforms: PC

Just King is a production that brings together different genres and has a bright future. Inspired by genres such as chess and tower defense and combining them in an interesting way, the production is one of the games worth playing.

Gatekeeper: Eclipse

Platforms: PC

Gatekeeper: Eclipse is a production that offers the player two different gameplay modes and blends the model brought by Vampire Survivors with science fiction. The production, which attracts attention especially with its visuality, also attracts players with its gameplay.

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Soulstone Survivors

Platforms: PC

Soulstone Survivors is one of the most different and unique names on our best games like Vampire Survivors list. In the game, which is based on 3D graphics, not 2D in terms of visuality, we fight with the enemies by creating different groups and try to bring our team to victory.


Platforms: PC, Android, Nintendo Switch

Brotato is just like Vampire Survivors as a gameplay loop. You try to kill the waves of enemies that come upon you and survive as long as possible, and you try to strengthen your character with the skills and weapons you acquire during the struggle. Let’s not forget to add that you play the game as a potato.

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20 Minutes Till Dawn

Platforms: PC, Android

20 Minutes Till Dawn is one of the genre’s most admired and most innovative. The biggest difference with Vampire Survivors is that shooting in the game is done manually by us, not automatically. The game also stands out with its stylistic visuality.

Tiny Rogues

Platforms: PC

Although Tiny Rogues is the same as Vampire Survivors as the basic gameplay logic, it has a different structure in terms of progression. In Tiny Rogues, we try to clean 10 different themed rooms, when we clean one room, we move on to the next. During the gameplay, you can spend the resources you get from cleaning when you die, and you can get new upgrades and abilities for your next time.

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Project Lazarus

Platforms: PC

Loved Vampire Survivors, but are you looking for a more modern-looking, science-fiction-inspired version? Then Project Lazarus is for you. Although your goal is to kill the enemies that flock to you, as in other games of the genre, Project Lazarus immediately reveals its innovative nature with both its appearance and the science fiction atmosphere it gives.


Platforms: PC, iOS, Android

Bardbarian is one of the oldest names on this list, and is also the ancestor of Vampire Survivors with its gameplay. The game, in which you kill the enemies that come your way and protect a tower, is especially suitable for players who love the genre but want to take a look at different things.

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Spellbook Demonslayers

Platforms: PC

Spellbook Demonslayers is a production that will blow your mind especially with its music. Spellbook Demonslayers is one of the best games like Vampire Survivors that should definitely be checked out, with music and fast rhythm to listen to as you face off against hundreds of demons coming your way.

Rogue: Genesia

Platforms: PC

In Rogue : Genesia, an action rogue-lite game where you fight hundreds and thousands of ruthless monsters, you will walk into a new world and try to get rid of the enemies that endanger it.

We have come to the end of our list of the best rogue-lite games like Vampire Survivors. Which is your favorite? Is there another game you think should be on the list? Waiting for your comments below.

Written by Maya Robertson


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