Apple now lets developers to build larger apps and games for iOS 18

In the release notes for iOS 18 beta 2, Apple revealed that it has raised the limits for on-demand resources across iOS 18, iPadOS 18, tvOS 18, and visionOS 2.

Previously, app bundles downloaded from the App Store for iOS were capped at 2GB. However, with the advent of iOS 18, this limit has been doubled to 4GB. This enhancement means developers can now distribute larger apps without the necessity to depend excessively on assets being downloaded on demand. This change promises a more seamless user experience, as critical app components can be included in the initial download, reducing the need for subsequent asset retrievals.

Furthermore, Apple has addressed the handling of on-demand resources, a feature first introduced in iOS 9. This feature allows developers to slice their apps, enabling users to download only the essential parts of the app initially, with additional content downloaded as needed. With iOS 18 and tvOS 18, the previously established limit of 40GB for hosted on-demand resources has been expanded to 70GB. 

Additionally, Apple has removed the supplementary 4GB limit for assets downloaded immediately after the installation of an app bundle from the App Store. These enhancements will enable developers to deliver richer, more immersive apps and games, significantly improving user experience and functionality.

Written by Maya Robertson


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