Apple now allows developers to distribute unlisted apps through the App Store

Apple will now let developers release apps that are not suited for public distribution as unlisted on the App Store, discoverable only with a direct link. 

Unlisted apps will not appear in any App Store categories, recommendations, charts, search results, or other listings, but will be accessible through Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager.

Apple notes that unlisted apps are ideal for apps for specific organizations, special events, or research studies, or apps used as employee resources or sales tools.

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Apple asks developers to submit a request to receive a link to an unlisted app. If the app hasn’t been submitted for review or was already approved for public download on the App Store, the developer simply completes the request form. If the app was already approved for private download on Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager, the developer will need to create a new app record in App Store Connect, upload the binary, and set the distribution method to Public before completing the request form.

Once the request is approved, the app’s distribution method will change to Unlisted App in the Pricing and Availability section of the app record, and will apply to any future versions of the app. 

Written by Sophie Blake


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