AI-powered apps’ revenue and downloads surged in Q1 2023

Image Source: Sensor Tower

As ChatGPT-led AI hype continues to rise, more developers are now adopting the artificial intelligence technology to level up their mobile apps and grow their user base. According to new data from Sensor Tower, the number of productivity apps that include the term ‘’AI’’ in their names grew from merely 3% in 2020 to 34% in the first quarter of 2023.

As a result, downloads and revenue of these apps on the Play Store and App Store have also increased significantly during the first three months of this year, with revenue hitting $20 million and installs surpassing 45.8 million, both up 396% and 378% compared to the previous quarter. 

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During the period, these apps saw the most downloads and revenue in the United States, where they garnered nearly 10 million installs (up 550% QoQ) and generated $8.3 million in revenue

In terms of downloads, the U.S. was followed by India (6%) and Brazil (5%). When it comes to gross revenue, it was followed by the United Kingdom ($958K/5%), China ($882K/5%), Japan ($836K/4%), and Canada ($702K/4%) respectively.

Image Source Sensor Tower

Top AI-powered apps by downloads and revenue

The report also revealed the top AI-powered Android and iOS apps that saw the most downloads and revenue during the first quarter of 2023. ‘’AI Chatbot’’ by Vulcan Labs topped both lists with 9.5 million downloads and $3.3 million in gross revenue.

In terms of downloads, Microsoft’s new AI-powered Bing app became the second title of the quarter when it saw 7.3 million new installs. It was followed by ‘’Genie – AI Chatbot’’ by AppNation, ‘’AI Chat – Chatbot AI Assistant’’ by Social Media Apps, and ‘’ELSA: AI Learn’’ by ELSA respectively.

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When it comes to gross revenue, Vulcan Labs’ ‘’AI Chatbot’’ was followed by ‘’Genie – AI Chatbot’’, ‘’AI Chat – Chatbot AI Assistant’’, ‘’ELSA: AI Learn’’, and AIBY’s ‘’ChatOn – AI Chatbot Assistant’’ respectively.

Image Source Sensor Tower

With the recent launch of ChatGPT’s iOS app, Sensor Tower expects the AI competition in the mobile market to continue to get fiercer.

Meanwhile, according to another recent report from the market intelligence company, global mobile app installs are still above pre-pandemic levels despite a slowdown.

Written by Tuna Cetin


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