Twitter builds a crypto team to explore decentralized apps

Twitter is building a dedicated team called “Twitter Crypto”. The team will be responsible for exploring ways to help creators with interest in decentralized apps to manage virtual goods and currencies. The engineering lead will be Tess Rinearson, and the team will set the company strategy for the future of crypto.

“As I build out the team, we’ll be working to figure out what crypto can do for Twitter, as well as what Twitter can do for crypto. Twitter truly “gets” crypto (hello bitcoin tipping & NFTs!) but there’s so much more to explore here.” said Tess Rinearson.

Twitter already allows users to tip creators with bitcoin. And it recently announced a way for users to verify they own NFT, that they post as a profile picture. However, with a dedicated team, Twitter wants to explore decentralized apps, which run independently on a blockchain or P2P network of computers instead of a server owned by a company, giving users more control over privacy and over what they can post. 

“First, we’ll be exploring how we can support the growing interest among creators to use decentralized apps to manage virtual goods and currencies, and to support their work and communities.” Rinearson explained. 

“Looking farther ahead, we’ll be exploring how ideas from crypto communities can help us push the boundaries of what’s possible with identity, community, ownership and more. And, of course, we’ll be working closely with the bluesky team to help shape the future of decentralized social media (and to make sure that Twitter stays on the cutting edge of this new landscape, too!).”

Written by Sophie Blake


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