Tinder’s Interactive Series ‘Swipe Night’ Will Be Released Worldwide

Tinder recently started an interactive series called Swipe Night. The series caught success rapidly and will spread all over the world next year.

Tinder recently released an interactive series, Swipe Night. The series, only available in the US for now, provided a two-digit increase in both messages and matches in October. 

At the third quarter investor meeting, Match, Tinder’s roofing company, said the series would be spread around the world next year.

The series will begin broadcasting outside the United States in early 2020. The main focus of the series is to bring users together with meetings and other ordinary activities.

In the Swipe Night series, users are asked to make choices within the story using the usual scrolling mechanisms of the application. Then, the choices users make are shown on their user profiles. According to the company’s studies, the relationship of the people depends on how much their values match. Having common interests does not always mean that people will be happy together.

Each part of Swipe Night takes about five minutes. During the month of October, every Sunday at 6 o’clock, the series was shown to users and received great attention. So that, the number of Tinder’s Sunday matches increased by 26%, while the number of messages increased by 12%. In addition, users spend more time messaging.

“This really extended our appeal and resonated with Gen Z users. This effort demonstrates the kind of creativity and team we have at Tinder and the kind of effort that we’re willing to make.”

Match CEO, Mandy Ginsberg.

The series will be available to users around the world at the beginning of the next year. Match also announced that they will sell Swipe Night 1 to broadcast platforms.

Written by Maya Robertson


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