Squadbysters User and Revenue Stats (2024)

When Supercell took to social media to celebrate reaching 20 million pre-registrations for their upcoming global release, they hinted that their true target was 30 million before the game’s launch on May 29th.

Now, it seems that the game has exceeded expectations, achieving the 30 million mark in just 11 days, a remarkable feat considering they had 27 days left until the launch. This early success has garnered excitement among players and industry observers alike.

Taking to social media once again to spread the news and reveal some pre-registration gifts, the Supercell team expressed their joy and gratitude for the overwhelming response.

Squad Busters is shaping up to be one of the biggest launches of 2024 across all formats. 

Described by Supercell as “a love letter to Supercell’s IP,” the game has sparked various discussions, ranging from praise for its clever use of the company’s famous properties to criticism that it feels overly corporate.

Written by Maya Robertson


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